How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned?

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned?
How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned?

Sofa cleaning prices start from 20 euro per seat. There are a few factors that can reduce or increase the final price, but on average, most sofa cleaning companies will charge from 20 euro per seat. A minimum charge will apply in most cases. You should expect to pay at least 50 euro per p to make it worth it for a sofa cleaning company to drive to your house/business and back.


Factors that can increase/decrease the final sofa cleaning price:


  1. Job size – bigger the sofa, lower the rate per seat

  2. Condition

  3. Type of sofa

  4. Sofa cleaning system required

  5. Special treatments

  6. Location

  7. Fast drying

  8. Parking


A sofa cleaning specialist wants to make money. A standard 2 seat sofa should take around 1 hour to deep clean. Any extra services, will increase this time needed so will cost extra money.



How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned? Job Size


If you are booking just an armchair to be cleaned, you will be charged the minimum charge, which in most cases is usually 50 euro. But if you are booking a package deal, 3 + 2 + 1, the rate per seat will drop to around 18 euro. So it makes more sense to book a package deal to save money. You want the job done right so never book a deal that looks way too cheap. It will cost you more than you think in the long run.



How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned? Condition


Most sofa cleaning contractors have a standard price list. The standard prices apply to standard sofas in average condition. If you have not cleaned your sofa in years and/or your sofa is very dirty and badly stained, you will pay extra. Heavy duty stain removers are very expensive and it takes a lot of time to remove an old stain from a sofa. You should expect an increase in price if your sofa is in a bad shape. A dirty sofa has to be washed 2-3 times to effectively remove dirt and stains.



How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned? Type Of Sofa


Not all sofas are the same and not all sofas can be cleaned with the same products. As you know, some 2 seat sofas cost 200 euro while other 2 seat sofas cost 2000 euro. The type of material will determine the type of cleaning required and the products to be used. Some sofas cannot be washed with warm water, other sofas cannot be washed with any water, some sofas change colour easily, some sofas shrink after a wash.

Your sofa cleaning specialist will assess your sofa and will recommend the right cleaning system. If your sofa is a fancy expensive one, you will pay a bit extra for it to be cleaned as the material may be more delicate and specialist products will be required. The difference in price between a standard sofa cleaning product and a gentle more advanced fabric cleaner can be as much as 300%.



How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned? Sofa Cleaning System Required


There are two ways of deep cleaning a sofa. Using an extraction/shampooing system or dry sofa cleaning. In Ireland, extraction sofa cleaning services are more widely used and more popular than dry sofa cleaning. But there are many companies offering high quality dry sofa cleaning services if this is your preference.

Extraction Sofa Cleaning – a sofa cleaning machine with a powerful pump and a powerful extraction motor is required. The specialist will use warm water and some type of pre-spray + a sofa cleaning shampoo. This solution will be used to pre-spray the sofa, then the sofa will be scrubbed with soft pads, all the water will then be extracted with a special upholstery head. Drying times vary from sofa to sofa and from day to day but is somewhere between 2-6 hours

Dry Sofa Cleaning – a special foam will be used to pre-spray the sofa. This foam will break all types of general dirt. A system of brushes or bonnet pads will be used to scrub the sofa and extract the waste. This type of sofa cleaning system is highly recommended for commercial sofa cleaning or sofa cleaning projects where there is no time for drying. Dry sofa cleaning works out a bit more expensive than extraction sofa cleaning services.

***after you get your sofa done, put the heating on or ventilate the room well. Keeping a semi wet sofa in a cold and damp room will slow down the drying process***



How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned? Special Treatments


A standard sofa cleaning service will include shampooing and light spot removal. Other services are available at extra costs:


Sofa Protectors

Odour Neutralisers

Heavy Duty Stain Removers


Some people love the idea of having their sofa sealed to prevent future staining. Most sofa cleaning companies provide scotchgard or sofa sealing. If your sofa has a very bad pet odour or smoke odour, it can be removed but it will cost a bit extra because stronger cleaning products will have to be used. Not all stains are the same so in some cases, a few treatments will be required to achieve noticeable results. Call your local sofa cleaning company and tell them what you need done before booking. Don`t just assume that all of the above are included in the price.



How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned? Location


Your location is a very important factor for pricing. Most sofa cleaning contractors will travel up to 20 km for no extra cost but anything over 20 km will incur an additional charge. Also, if your home/business is located in a very busy area, many sofa cleaning contractors will refuse the work. In some cases getting to x location could take longer than doing the job. Prices can vary from location to location. Just because your friend has paid 50 euro for a sofa cleaning project in x area it does not mean that you will pay the same in y area. If the sofa cleaning specialist has to drive throught tolls or if the distance from the office to your home is higher, you can be charged extra.



How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned? Fast Drying


The drying periods can vary from job to job and sofa to sofa. If your sofa is in a nice and warm house with a lot of ventilation, it will dry nearly instantly. But if your sofa is in a dark area with little or no ventilation, it could take 24 hours to dry. It also depends on the material and the number of times that the sofa was washed. If you are under pressure to dry your sofa faster, you can ask your sofa cleaning specialist to use high power fans to speed up the process. If it takes a lot of time to do it, it will cost you a bit extra.



How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sofa Cleaned? Parking


You need to provide parking for the sofa cleaning contractor. You cannot assume that he will just find parking somewhere around. Deep cleaning a sofa requires a lot of equipment and you need to have the van as close to the job as possible. If you do not have parking facilities in your area you might find it very hard to find a contractor.



Most sofa cleaning contractors provide the same prices for commercial sofa cleaning and domestic sofa cleaning services. An extra charge may apply when the job is being done over night. Also, the same prices usually apply for leather sofa cleaning services and fabric sofa cleaning services.

Leather Sofa Cleaning  & Polishing – this type of sofa cleaning is done manually with special pads and special leather cleaning products. A heavy duty leather cleaning shampoo will be used to deep clean the leather and then a special wax will be used for polishing. The contractor will change a number of pads to achieve a perfect glossy finish. The final finish will enhance the look and will water proof the sofa.

To ensure your sofa cleaning job is done as fast and as efficiently as possible, make sure the sofa is clear of personal items, have a readily available source of warm water, and provide easy access parking. For comprehensive cleaning services, consider our expert Carpet Cleaning to revitalize your carpets and enhance the overall cleanliness of your space.

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