Keeping Your Sofa In Top Condition

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Keeping Your Sofa In Top Condition

 Keeping Your Sofa In Top Condition

The sofa is a key piece of furniture in the living room. In fact, if you were to select which was the most important unit, you’d probably pick the sofa. For starters, it is like to be the most expensive object in the room- ruling out electronics. It is a sizeable investment, whether you bought it new, or got it from a yard sale. There are those who have pricey collectables, such as antiques or paintings in the room which may have cost more. Regardless of this, getting the sofa still caused you to fork out quite the chunk of money, hence the need to protect it. It’s also a heavily trafficked. From the bachelors and spinsters who use it as the guest centre, to the families where the kids basically grow up bouncing on the cushions of the sofa, to those with pets that enjoy napping on the sofa arm- it is the most used set of furniture in the household. As you host the guests, or catch up on these late-night shows, the sofa arms tend to double up as a temporary table where the food or drinks are placed. Those lazy Sunday afternoons are spent with the feet up on the seat, and then there is also that activity that couples enjoy: couch sex. The main draw to the sofa is its comfort. Whether you want to lay back and relax after a gruelling day at work, curl up with a novel from a best-selling author, or snuggle up to your significant other on date-night, the allure of the cushy sofa makes it the ideal spot. It even doubles as a bed when there are many guests staying over for the night. Your furry friend also probably already has a favourite spot where they keep sleeping on. With all that usage, the sofa becomes a prime candidate for stains, food crumbs, sweat and grease residue on the upholstery, to the dander that is strewn all over the material. This makes routine sofa cleaning vital, to enable you to keep enjoying your set.

The sofa is also the anchor piece to the decor of the space. Other pieces of furniture are arranged around it, and it sets the mood of the room. Its state will influence the rest of the ambience. You may have state-of-the-art electronics, and jaw-dropping portraits hanging from the walls, and even a stylish carpet to top it off, but if the sofa is in a dull and dishevelled state, it will drag down the appeal of the living room. It’s will be one of the first items that a person sees when they walk through the front door, and you don’t want them to be greeted by furniture that is soiled and stained. When you invite your guests to take a seat, the last thing you want is them questioning whether the stains that are on the sofa will get transferred onto their clothes. The embarrassment that comes with the awkward questions, whether they are posed by your friends or the in-laws, can make one dread hosting guests. In fact, some go out of their way to cancel visits to their homes, or relocate them to some place outdoors, as they don’t want their visitors to find see the mess that is in the home. It has an impact on your mind as well. After all, one of the key considerations you made when purchasing the sofa in the first place is its aesthetic appeal. It can be frustrating when you watch that elegance gradually wear away, and be replaced by a dull and forlorn set. Your peace of mind takes a hit, due to the nagging thoughts that demand the sofa be attended to. This is not how you want things to go in your home. Calling in the residential sofa cleaning team will restore that appeal to your set. 

Taking Care Of Commercial Sofa Cleaning Needs

For businesses too, aesthetics are an integral part of the day-to-day features of your operations. They include the image that customers develop about your business and brand. What do they see when they access your premises to purchase your products and services? You want them to have a positive impression about you. This includes ensuring that your products are provided in a space that is clean and sanitary. When they find the furniture in a mess, riddled with stains and dirt spots, and reeking of odours, it makes them question the level of professionalism that your business operates with. You don’t want to lose them to your competition. Ensuring that you have a conducive and appealing interior will go a long way in winning the confidence of your clients, and this includes having a regular sofa cleaning regimen. From hotels, office buildings, nursing homes, entertainment centres, all through to government institutions, the furniture needs to be well taken care of, and our crew are up to the task. 

The working environment of your employees also factors in. They want to carry out their duties in a safe and clean space, not one where they are constantly distracted by dirt and grime, or where they need to keep switching positions because the odours emanating from the dirty sofa sets. Moreover, how will they be able to effectively concentrate on their tasks, when they are worried about their health, seeing that the soiled furniture contains toxins, pollutants, allergens and a horde of germs? The discomfort wears down their morale, affecting their productivity. This will hit your operations, lowering your revenue margins. That’s not even including the increased sick-days that come when there is an infection spreading like wildfire across your workforce- with the soiled furnishings being one of the most common areas of transmission since they are frequently used. On the other hand, ensuring that the furniture in your business premises is in its optimal condition encourages your staff to be more productive as they can see the level of care that you’re putting into providing conducive working conditions. Our sofa cleaning processes will enable you to spruce things up in your workplace, protecting both the customers and employees. 

For the commercial sofa cleaning, we understand that you’re operating on a strict timetable. You don’t want your operations being disrupted for longer than is necessary. In addition, due to the high number of people trouping about on a daily basis, safety is key. We take all this into account when offering the commercial sofa cleaning services. Our sessions are flexible, and you can schedule one that will be suited to your timing. Our personnel also put in place the required safety measures when carrying out the cleaning, to protect the furniture itself, and the persons walking about. The task is carried out expeditiously, in order to restore normalcy to the building quickly. Even aspects such as the drying time are reduced, allowing the furniture to resume being used within the same day it has been cleaned. 

Furniture Cleaning In Rental Units

Are you a landlord or property manager leasing out fully furnished units? Ensuring that the upholstery is in top condition is key in attracting tenants to the space. You don’t want them to find dirt and stains on the units as you conduct the open houses, as they will take it to be a sign that the property is not well taken care of. After the previous tenants moved out, the furniture may have been left in a soiled and dilapidated state. With the sofa cleaning services you get to bring back the appeal to your set. This is also beneficial to the AirBnB hosts, who want to ensure that the guests checking in find the place to be appealing. After their short or long stay, touching up the furniture with professional sofa cleaning services will have the place ready for the next guests who are to come in.  

The Sofa Cleaning Crew You Can Rely On 

High-powered machinery is used for the sofa cleaning, that flushes out the gunk that has adhered to the fibres of the material. Tough acting formulations are incorporated to loosen up the heavy dirt build-ups, and dissolve the stubborn stains that are covering the furniture. Additional measures such as using heated water and applying it to the furniture at a high temperature can also be employed. Here, it depends on the material that the sofa is made of, the level of soiling and the type of stains that are being removed. Our personnel have the training and skills needed to determine the most suitable approach for various situations, customizing methods that will suit your particular sofa cleaning needs. The processes used will be safe for both the furniture and the persons on the premises. There won’t be issues like toxic fumes being generated into the interior space. What’s more, the products themselves are gentle on the upholstery, that way a thorough clean can be provided without putting the structural integrity of the unit at risk. 

The odours that are emanating from the sofa are got rid of. In addition to the source of the smell, from the decaying organic matter, the sweat that has been rubbed onto the sofa, the greasy spots, all through to cases of urine stains- these are all handled proficiently, getting rid of the gunk that was making the sofa uncomfortable to use. That way you can kick back and relax without your senses being assaulted by foul smells. The end result is a fresher interior space that is more appealing to you as the home or business owner, and guests coming onto the premises. Fragranced products can also be used, which go further to leave behind a pleasant scent.

Additional maintenance

Protective treatments can be further applied to your unit. For instance, stain protectors come in to increase the resistance of the upholstery to both oil-based and water based-stains, preventing them from bonding with the material in case of spills. For those with leather units, they are conditioned, which restores the lost oils- basically nourishing the upholstery. This keeps the unit supple, thus prolonging its life. With the newly cleaned and treated furniture, the aesthetic appeal of the interior space gets a boost. This is beneficial whether you’re simply looking to improve on your living and working conditions, or impress the guests who are coming over. When done regularly, the sofa cleaning prolongs the life of your set. This is because it gets rid of the dirt and grime that wear down the material, and the stains that would has seeped deep into the fabrics. You also get to avoid the extra costs that would have cropped up down the road due to the need to make repairs, or even find yourself being forced to replace the entire unit.

Different establishments have different kinds of furniture, and our sofa cleaning team handles them all. Whether it’s a settee sofa, that is constructed like wide dining room chair that has arms, and brings an old-world charm to the interior space; divans where the sofa doesn’t have a back and is usually placed up against a bare wall, where you can then proceed to arrange pillows to cushion the back; loveseats that refer to the sofas that have been designed to seat a maximum of two people at a time; bunk-bed sleepers  for homes with kids and are also popular for cabins and vacation homes, daybeds, futons, convertible sofas, pull-outs and other kinds of sleeper sofas that serve the dual-function of being a seat by day and bed by night; the chaise lounge whose design origin can be traced back to the early Egyptian cultures of 3000 BC where it was constructed using palm stalks, rawhide and cords, the Greeks later popularised it for relaxing when reading and even drinking instead of sitting at the table, and the Romans adopted the design for the meals and banquets; the cabriole sofa with its exposed wood trim; or a  camelback sofa with its distinctive humps and tight upholstery; all through to the Bridgewater sofa with its tailored skirt, and the padded loose cushions, you can trust us to take care of it.

 Keeping Your Sofa In Top Condition

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