Fabric And Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

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Fabric And Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

Fabric And Leather Sofa Cleaning Services


With sofas, there are various kinds of material that are used for the upholstery. These can be broadly categorised into natural and synthetic fabrics, plus leather sofas. The diversity of the options ensures that there is a sofa that meets everyone décor needs. The natural fibre sofas include those made using cotton, linen, silk and also wool. Rayon can also fall under this, since it is made using wood pulp that has been processed, and comes with a lustre that is similar to silk. Cotton and wool are among the more durable natural fabric sofas. However, they are more susceptible to damage from moisture and also staining. With wool, it needs to be treated with moth-proofing agents before it is even used for the upholstery. Though the various materials are “natural”, they are still processes and added dyes to enhance their attributes.

Synthetic fabrics are made by extruding petroleum based products into fine strands, which are thereafter woven into a fabric. Popular options include olefin, nylon, acrylic and polypropylene sofas. These synthetic materials can also be blended with the natural ones, enhancing attributes like durability and stain resistance. Some of the synthetic fabrics are actually designed to resemble natural fibre. These are the likes of acrylic, which are developed to have the appearance and texture of wool.

Leather is processed animal hide, and is renowned for its luxurious look and feel. There are different levels of leather quality, from the top-grain which has the entire hide thickness, and comes with the characteristic elements of the animal’s hide that’s was obtained from, all through to suede leathers and split-grain varieties which are thinner due to the hide being split in two. The leather upholstery can also be dyed in order to enhance the aesthetic qualities or change them completely. Faux leather is also available, which is less pricey in comparison. Different homes, business premises, entertainment centres and even government institutions have varying kinds of sofa. The choice is determined by the desired level of durability, factors like whether or not there are kids and pets around, all through to the texture of the fabric and the dyes that have been used. After going all that way to get the set that is suitable for your particular establishment, you want to ensure that it is well maintained. Part of the care includes scheduling regular sofa cleaning services.

Save your time

Cleaning the sofa is not a walk in the park. Getting rid of those stubborn stains, and the gunk that is buried within the upholstery and foam requires highly effective systems. The units that are usually available for rent from the local department stores are not in the same league as the machines operated by the sofa cleaning professionals. The industrial-grade units used by our crew pack a punch, from the pressure and temperatures needed for the task, to the scrubbing action and suction to extract the solutions from the sofa. These are expensive units- but they are needed to ensure that the jobs are thorough. However, when it comes to the rental units, they have reduced capacities, especially as a result if the smaller component parts- like the motors and pumps. This is in a bid to reduce the expenses and make them more affordable to rent out, plus easier to move around. This has the effect of negatively impacting on the efficiency of your operations. This means that right from the onset, going the DIY route will put you at a considerable disadvantage.

Then there is the actual workload itself. You may end up scrubbing the furniture for hours, and still end up with results that are below par. This can be frustrating, especially when you’re forced to repeat the sofa cleaning process. There are even cases of the wrong solutions being used, which result in anything from the stains that they were intended to remove being made more stubborn, to corrosion of the material itself. The different types of sofa, from the upholstery the covers, to the finishes and dyes that were used on it, plus the metallic and wooden parts, and the foam, have their different cleaning requirements. Using the wrong formulations- despite their effectiveness in dealing with stains on other surfaces around the establishment, can put your sofa set at risk. Even issues such as the amount of water required for the process, the temperature and pressure that are utilised when scrubbing the upholstery, also come into focus. In fact, there are materials like leather where water is a threat to the upholstery. Without the requisite tools or experience needed to handle the different situations, one may end up with permanent damage to the unit, driving up your costs.

The health of the DIYer is also on the line- especially when hazardous chemicals are used for the sofa cleaning. From agents that release toxic fumes into the interior space, the residue that is left behind in the sofa fabric which affects the persons who will use it, to cases of skin rashes and respiratory distress- this is not how you want things to play out. Back to the equipment, inefficiency during the suction stage to remove the water can leave the sofa too soggy. The longer the sofa remains wet, the higher the chances of mould and mildew growing. These add to the health risks, due to the spores and mycotoxins that they produce. They are also unsightly, forming stains of all sorts of colours on the sofa. Why take yourself through all this? You want to spend your free time relaxing with your friends and family, not dealing with an arduous sofa cleaning job, and still focus on dodging all the risks involved in the process. Avoid it all by dialling up the expert sofa cleaning crew.

Easy on your wallet

Every sofa cleaning situation is unique, and we treat it as such. Our pricing is affordable, and the cost structure looks at factors that are particular to your situation. These include aspects such as the number, size and type of sofas that you want to be cleaned, the kind of stains being dealt with, and the level of soiling- since they will determine the approach that is required, all through to the frequency with which you want to schedule the sessions, to cases such as emergency sofa cleaning.

Fabric And Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

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