Get Your Sofa Cleaning Needs Met By The Experts

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Get Your Sofa Cleaning Needs Met By The Experts

Get Your Sofa Cleaning Needs Met By The Experts


The sofa is one of the core pieces of furniture in the household. Its hulking size gives it a huge impact on the rest of the decor. Ensuring that it is properly maintained will enable you to have a conducive environment to raise your family in. Even in commercial establishments, sofas are used across the board, from reception areas, to consultancy offices, the employee break rooms, and even in hotel rooms. You want your customers to come in and feel comfortable using the furniture. Ensuring that you have a regular sofa cleaning program is part and parcel of this. When it comes to the types of upholstery, there are various materials including:


  • Natural fabrics


A common one here is cotton. This is a popular option due to its resistance to fading and wearing. What’s more, it is used in blends with other synthetic fibres, in order to enhance measures like its durability, and also add to its texture. The versatility of the cotton with the dyes available enables there to be a wide range of colour patterns to choose from, and you can have anything from a neutral tone to bold hues. However, the material can get wrinkled easily. Rayon, on the other hand, has been made from wood chip fibres. The lower costs of production make it more affordable, and it also comes with a higher resistance to mildew and moths- the latter of which is particularly a problem with wool sofas. However this material easily scratches and wrinkles, and if it is not properly treated is highly flammable. Speaking of wool, it’s one of the most famous natural fabrics, loved for the comfort it provides. It can be treated with different dyes, and it is also resistant to pilling and wrinkling. However, wool sofas are more expensive compared to other natural fabrics, but it lasts for longer. To keep it in its optimal condition, simply schedule regular sofa cleaning.

Silk is best suited to the formal and adult rooms. This luxurious fabric is very delicate, and it will readily absorb spills- hence the need to be kept in areas without children. It’s also quite pricy, and there is a wide array of patterns and colours available. Here, ensuring that you use the services of the sofa cleaning professionals will take away the risks of damage- which are plenty if one attempts a DIY job or hires a rookie company for the task. With linen, one has an affordable set that is fairly resistant to pilling. However, it is more susceptible to damage, which is why it isn’t recommended for the areas where the sofas receive high levels of usage. Linen is also susceptible to wrinkling and can easily get scratched when in an environment with pets. Manufacturers of the sets insist on the buyers having the units attended to by professional sofa cleaning crews, to avoid issues like shrinkage.


  • Synthetic fabrics


Here, there are materials such as polyester, which can last very long when well maintained. It comes in different colours, and blending the polyester with other fabrics will boost their strength. The lighter colours of the polyester sofas tend to have the stains formed on them being more prominent, and you want to ensure that the spots are got rid of without setting them further into the material. Olefin is made from plastic pellets that have been melted, and threads spun from them. This gives it a high resistance to wet conditions, and it can also be used for the furniture that’s exposed to heavy wear. Acetate is made to imitate silk, and it is resistant to shrinking and pilling. However, this material gets stained easily, and you want sofa cleaning products and systems that will get rid of the spots without affecting the structural integrity of the unit. Acrylic fabric is another synthetic upholstery that has been designed to imitate a natural material- wool in this case. While it is more resistant to staining, the cleaning process is strenuous, requiring specialised products and processes to get the task done to quality standards.


  • Leather sofas


These are famed for their elegance. The leather sofa exudes character, setting a luxurious look and feel to the space. That natural ambience that it forms, the comfort when resting on it, plus its ability to actually become more aesthetically pleasing with age, makes it highly sought after. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the leather sofas are expensive. After spending so much to ensure that you have the appropriate set for your residential or commercial establishment, you don’t want to watch it get ruined. Going the DIY route with the leather sofa cleaning also poses great risk, especially due to the sensitivity of the material to the chemicals that it is treated with. Working with harsh chemicals, where the products have a pH that is not suitable for use on the leather, can cause irrevocable damage to the upholstery. Water usage is also risky here, since the water is affected by changes in moisture levels, and you don’t want to cause imbalances that affect the structural integrity of the unit. There have also been cases where the water ended up soaking the stains deeper into the upholstery. Specialised leather sofa cleaning products are required, which have been developed for the task. Additional measures like conditioning are also carried out by our personnel, in order to restore the soft and supple feel to the upholstery.

Deep cleaning

The processes used by our sofa cleaning team get rid of those stubborn stains, and neutralise the odours that are emanating from the upholstery. Pre-treatment products can be utilised, which loosen up the ingrained soiling, and chemically break down the unsightly spots from food and drink spills, the accidental ink blots, and even ketchup smudges. Enzymatic formulations that act on the urine stains, tough-acting solutions to lift the grease and oily residue from the set- they are incorporated into the process as needed. Additional measures such as treating the sofa with products to increase its stain resistance can also be applied depending on the situation and your particular needs. All this is done while adhering to industry standards of professionalism.

Get Your Sofa Cleaning Needs Met By The Experts

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