Sofa Cleaning - Taking Care Of Your Leather Sofa

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Sofa Cleaning - Taking Care Of Your Leather Sofa

Sofa Cleaning – Taking Care Of Your Leather Sofa


Leather sofas are magnificent- and come with the price tag to match. It’s worth it, given their luxurious look and feel, the natural appeal they add to the interior space, and the fact that they develop more character with age. There are different units, from aniline and semi-aniline, to nubuck and leather upholstery choices. After spending so much money to get the ideal leather sofa for your home or business premises, you no doubt to protect it. Like any other furniture, the leather sofas will be exposed to the messes of everyday life, and with kids and pets around the rates increases. However, the methods used in caring for the different types of sets are not universal. In fact, with leather it is easy to make a mistake and ruin the furniture- as is common with the DIY sofa cleaning jobs. Simple oversights like using silicone-based products, oils and even saddle soaps, plus the all-purpose cleaners in the households, can end up doing more harm than good to the leather. Despite its durability, when it comes to the chemicals that are used on it for the cleaning, leather is highly sensitive. Like the skin, it’s affected by pH variations. Ammonia, vinegar, bleach-based solutions and other similar formulations used for cleaning tasks around the premises can wreak havoc, corroding the leather and even resulting in colour bleeding. That is not a fate you want for your set. Even water itself, which is used for nearly all cleaning operations, needs to be used with caution when dealing with leather. Water stains are a common problem. In addition, since leather is affected by variances in temperature and humidity conditions, using too much water on it can put its structural integrity are at risk. In addition, if the leather is not treated after the cleaning, it can end up drying and cracking, losing that supple feel. You don’t want to run such risks and ruin your investment. Don’t fret. Our professionals are here for you, to take care of your leather sofa cleaning needs.

We clean the diverse range of sofas

Sofas vary from one establishment to the next. Take an aspect like the design of their backs for instance. On one hand, you can have a tuxedo sofa, where the height of the armrests is level with the backrest- like is seen with the Chesterfield sofas, or the high back sofa where they are different. With roundback sofas, they tend to resemble a large mushroom sprouting out of the living room, and the styling of the upholstery enhances the design. With camelback sofas, they have been in use for interior decor for over 300 years. Wingback sofas are not as common today as they were in the luxurious homes a while back, but one can still bring that classic look to the home- and have a “throne” to lounge back on. Barrelback sofas have the entire chair resembling a barrel- hence the name, where the back’s curvature goes extending to the arms. When it comes to the construction itself, there are furniture pieces ranging from sofa beds and futons which are particularly handy when there is limited sleeping space especially when having guests over, sectional sofas which have separate modules that can be put together based on the desired living room arrangement, loveseats that enable two people to cosy up together- hence the name, and today are typically referred to as 2-seaters, all through to the armchair built for a single individual, which comes in diverse shapes and sizes. There are also complementary pieces such as the ottoman, which can be used as a footstool.

An in-depth clean

Our crew will assess the upholstery, in order to determine what will be required to deliver the results you desire. The cleaning itself is a wholesome process, covering everything from the pre-treating to loosen up the dirt and dissolve the stains, to the scrubbing action, applying pressurised systems depending on the material involved, thorough rinsing, and even conditioning like for the cases of leather sofa cleaning. The extraction process using high-powered vacuums will remove most of the moisture from the sofa, and the little that remains will have dried off within a few hours. Additional treatments can also be applied, to increase attributes like the sofa’s resistance to staining, thus keeping it looking its optimal.

Additional measures to protect your leather sofa


  • Positioning


Where you place the leather sofa in the room is more than just about the inconvenience and the intended visual appeal. Proximity to heat and exposure to sunlight also factor in. You don’t want to position your set close to a heating vent or any other type of heat source. These can ruin the upholstery. The vents, radiators and also the space heaters will cause the leather to dry out over time. The longer the exposure, the higher the rate of moisture loss, which makes the leather to start cracking. When it comes to the sunlight, the radiation causes the leather to fade. Patches of discolouration end up being formed over the unit. In the worst-case scenarios, where there is a huge imbalance between the leather and the surrounding temperature and humidity conditions, the affected parts may begin breaking and pitting away, reducing the overall life of your unit.


  • Printed materials


The likes of newspapers, magazines, and even some books where the ink gets into contact with the leather can cause staining. You don’t want extra copies of the print winding up on your sofa arms or the plush cushions. This is especially common with the opened magazine pages that have vibrant colourations, or the kids come with their artwork that has been drawn with crayons, and leaves it on the leather sofa for an extended length of time. Are there such stains on your unit? Our sofa cleaning team will get rid of them for you.


  • Turn and fluff the cushions


This is simple to do. The leather is famed for its ability to retain its shape. However this is not an excuse to neglect the fluffing and turning. You can carry it out on a weekly basis, to keep your set in proper condition.

Sofa Cleaning – Taking Care Of Your Leather Sofa

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