Get Your Mattress Cleaned The Professional Way

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Get Your Mattress Cleaned The Professional Way

Get Your Mattress Cleaned The Professional Way

Have you ever stopped to wonder how gross your mattress is? It sucks up everything- from gallons of sweat and pounds of skin flakes, to the body waste of the millions of dust mites feeding on them. Speaking of mites, your mattress is a haven for them. They have all they need to live and thrive- food, moisture and your body generating sufficient heat to sustain them as you sleep. You could be having an all-out infestation in your mattress, sharing your sleep time with the microscopic bugs. Their waste is an allergen, causing respiratory and skin issues depending on the level of severity, and the sensitivity of the person affected. Then there’s the dust that settles in from the air above, plus fungal spores, pet fur and dander for those whose pets enjoy hopping onto the bed to wake them up in the morning. That blocked nose you get when you cuddle up at night is as a result of the particles in your bedding. In addition to ruining your quality of sleep, they can have adverse effects to your respiratory system in the long term. Body oils as your skin rubs against the bedding can also get transferred to the mattress, and chemicals like flame retardants that come with the material add to the grime. You want to have a good night’s rest, not lose sleep thinking of all the creatures that could be crawling up on your skin, or coughing and sneezing due to the grime in the mattress. Bring in professional mattress cleaning services to remedy the situation. Get Your Mattress Cleaned The Professional Way


Benefits Of Specialist Mattress Care – Get Your Mattress Cleaned The Professional Way


No one wants a sleepless night. Coughing and sneezing through the night as you toss and turn, developing an itchy throat and barely being able to breathe through a stuffy nose- this is not the experience you look forward to when you go to bed. Professional mattress cleaning makes your bed cosy and healthier to sleep in, that way you can wake up rejuvenated and ready to tackle the challenges that the new day will bring. By protecting you from allergies and contaminants, and getting rid of the pathogens crawling around in your bed, you get to improve your quality of life and even emotional wellbeing. It also improves the indoor quality in your bedroom, and destroys pests such as bedbugs that may have begun forming an infestation.


You also don’t want to sleep in a bed with nasty odours emanating from it. The mattress cleaning agents employed by our personnel remove the source of the stench, and also neutralises the odours themselves, leaving a pleasant fragrance in their wake. That way your bedtime can be as refreshing as you intended it to be. The thorough cleaning processes used also prolong the life of your mattress, enabling you to avoid making expensive replacements. After all, you didn’t get the mattress planning to buy a new one in just a few months. Turning to professional mattress cleaning also has the benefit of taking away the burden of the task from your shoulders. The cleaning process is intensive, with various factors coming into play. You want to ensure that the appropriate solutions are being used, that way your mattress structural integrity won’t be at risk. You also don’t want the mattress being left soaking wet, that it takes days to dry- which encourages fungi to grow in it. The machinery used by our personnel get the task done fast and to quality standards, also cutting down on the drying time, enabling you to protect your investment. Get Your Mattress Cleaned The Professional Way


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