Giving Your Mattress Quality Care

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Giving Your Mattress Quality Care

Giving Your Mattress Quality Care

Lots of time is spent in bed. Sleeping alone accounts for an average of 8 hours every day. Then there are shows that you binge-watch until you get bed sores, breakfast in bed on those lazy Sundays, pillow fights to board games- the bed handles different activities. There are those who transform it into a cosmetic counter as they make their morning preparation to go to work. with the make-up case, deodorants, hairspray and hair dryers all spread out across the bed. What of the late nights sitted with a laptop, tackling those documents that you brought home with you, or getting through the assignments in those online courses you’re taking? Lengthy bedtime calls with friends as you get the latest juicy stories of the going-ons in their lives, the long-distance video chats with a lover on the other side of the planet, reading novels as you sip some wine, sex itself- including the foreplay and afterplay- the bed sees it all. Afternoons spent in bed going through magazines as you clip off the pictures that you will use to make your wardrobe choices, the snacks that are munched away while in the sheets, be they sandwiches, cheese, cupcakes to all-out meals – there is bound to occasionally be a mess. While the bedding gets cleaned routinely, one item gets neglected: the mattress.  

With its absorbent nature, the mattress hoards loads of grime. Sweat from everyday sleeping, body fluids from those steamy nights with your significant other, dead skin cells to the food crumbs that are dropped while snaking in bed- it adds to the grime building up in the mattress.  All that organic matter is a magnet for a host of organisms. For instance, the food crumbs draw insects, which will find the mattress to be an ideal hiding spot. Dust mites, on the other hand, will have sufficient supply of nourishment, with the dead skin cells being shed around the clock. Did you know that an individual sheds between 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells every hour? With all those hours spent sleeping there will be kilograms of dead skin produces every year. This is more than enough to sustain the millions of dust mites that are crawling around the mattress. For pet owners, there is the issue of your furry friend hopping on to the bed- perhaps because it enjoys sleeping at your feet through the night, or it’s your alarm, waking you up every morning by licking your face. Whichever the case, there is bound to be fur and dander strewn all over the bedding- some of which will get to the mattress itself, and add to the increasing amount of soiling. For those with young kids, there is the additional problem of bed wetting, where the urine may have got through the bedding, after which it will be readily absorbed by the mattress. Add to this the colossal amount of bacteria that is within the material. You don’t want to spend each night surrounded by this gunk. A thorough mattress cleaning will flush out the grime that is in your unit. 

Factors To Consider When Hiring Mattress Cleaning Services

For starters, the reputation of the company is key. When going through testimonials and reviews that have been left behind by other customers, what do they have to say about the business? How was their experience? Even when there are negative reviews, observe how the company handled them, as it will be a sign of how much is invested in ensuring customers satisfaction. Some, like the posts form trolls, just looking for attention online and to cause trouble, should just be ignored. 

When it comes to the budget, certainly you don’t want to get strained, digging deeper into your wallet than you had intended to. However, you also don’t want to go for the companies offering the lowest prices. A balance needs to be obtained. With the cheap services, issues such as the equipment used and the capacity of the cleaners themselves comes into question. There are cases where aspects like insurance have been overlooked. Others are outright bait-and-switch tactics, which end up costing you more. Reputable mattress cleaning companies focus on offering value, with optimized processes that enhance the quality of the results, at pocket-friendly prices. you should get a quotation that details what work will be done, and what exactly you’re paying for, so that you go into the process fully aware. 

Bring In The Professionals To Clean Your Mattress 


  • High powered cleaning systems


Our personnel use state-of-the-art systems to deliver an in-depth mattress cleaning. These are the likes of industrial-grade hot water extraction machinery, that gets to the dirt and grime that is buried within the mattress, removing those heavy build-ups that have been accumulating for months. Dust, dander, to the colonies of dust mites that are residing in your mattress, they are got rid of. 


  • Eco-friendly processes


With our cleaning processes, there is no risk posed to Mother Nature. You also won’t find yourself facing complications after the cleaning procedure due to the wrong chemicals being used. The allergens, stains, both organic and inorganic residue that has accumulated in the mattress is safely got rid of, leaving your unit all freshened up. 


  • Certified crew 


You also get to be sure that your property is in the hands of professionals. After all, not every company can be up to the task, with some using low capacity machines, and others relying on rookies to get the task done- which often ends up with you getting frustrated. That won’t be a concern with us. Our personnel have been thoroughly trained, given that we invest in their personal and professional development. They have the know-how needed when working on the different fabrics, padding and mattress types, giving each specialised attention to ensure that the dirt is got rid of without putting the structural integrity of your unit at risk.  Their backgrounds have also been checked, meaning you can trust them as they go about their duties on your property.

Giving Your Mattress Quality Care

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