Hire Professionals To Clean Your Mattress

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Hire Professionals To Clean Your Mattress

 Hire Professionals To Clean Your Mattress

A clean and comfortable mattress is key to a good night’s sleep. You must have forked out a tidy sum of cash to get the right mattress for your particular needs. They come in different designs. Take memory foam mattress for instance. These conform to one’s body as you sleep- which is particularly popular with the side sleepers since it provides shoulder and hip support. By contouring to the body, you get to feel that the mattress is partially surrounding you while still supporting you. Since there are several layers of foam, there is more resistance to sagging in the middle, meaning you won’t need to flip the mattress as often. There are also those who go for the smart gel mattresses. Here, gel is added to the structure of the support system or even in the upholstery layer. This enables these mattresses to be more effective in dissipating one’s body heat. With pillow-top mattresses, there a layer of upholstery that is added to the top of the mattress. and the level of softness of the pillow-top varies based on one’s particular requirements. With innerspring mattresses, the structure is composed of internal metal springs that provide support. The number of the coils- plus their distribution, determines how the unit conforms to the body.

For waterbeds, as can be predicted by the name, water is used as the support system. These are mainly used by back sleepers. Basically, there is a water chamber that has been padded with foam, fibres and similar upholstery material. Water then flows into the chamber, where the design can be free-flow, where there is no obstruction to the movement of the water from one end to another, or limited-flow (waveless)- where fibres are used to limit the movement of the water. Here, one goes with the flexibility that is desired. When it comes to air-based units, the chamber is filled with air, and then padded with the fibre or foam upholstery. Like the waterbed, the chamber is adjustable, allowing you to tinker with the firmness of your mattress. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, rely on latex foam in place of memory foam. The adjustable base mattress is highly flexible, where the base can be adjusted to provide additional back support, raise the feet or even elevate the head. This makes them ideal for those with sleep-related issues, such as muscle aches, sleep apnea or back pain. Getting the mattress is one thing, properly maintaining it is another. To continue enjoying your unit and getting value for the amount you spent on it, routine cleaning will be needed. That’s right up the alley of the mattress cleaning professionals. 

Importance Of Regular Mattress Cleaning


  • Gets rid of bugs and mites


The mattress is a thriving ecosystem of microorganisms, and there can even be insects that are calling it home. Take dust mites for instance. There are millions of them crawling around. They survive on the dead skin cells that are in the mattress- and there are kilograms of dead skin that are produced every year as one sleeps in bed. The mites, in turn, produce faecal pellets, that add to the grime. This body waste mixes up with the dead mites- and it’s even gross to think about the gunk that you will be sleeping on. For those who are fond of occasionally snacking in bed, the food crumbs that are left behind are a magnet for insects, which will hide out in the nooks and crannies of the bed, plus the mattress itself. With a deep mattress cleaning, these organisms are removed, together with their body waste.


  • Dust removal


Dust accumulating in the interior space is a given. Particles settle on the various surfaces, and the mattress will not be excluded. On top of this is aspects such as the kids playing on the bed, and pets that hop onto it, transferring the gunk that is under their paws. This adds to the soiling that being hoarded in the padding and upholstery. Regular mattress cleaning will get rid of the bust that has been building up in your unit over the months.


  • Reducing allergic reactions


As mentioned, the dust that is building up in the mattress contains different substances. These include dust mite faecal pellets, pollen, and even pet dander for those households where the cats and dogs keep hopping onto the cosy bed. They trigger reactions when inhaled. When one turns over in bed during the night, the allergens are raised into the immediate air space, from where they get into the respiratory system, resulting in different effects. Coughs, sneezing, blocked or runny nose- these are not issues that you want to deal with each time you get into bed. Those with asthma are more susceptible to having attacks, and the allergens in the mattress can even exacerbate bronchitis and other respiratory conditions. With an average of 8 hours of each day being spent in bed, this is a long time to be exposed to the allergens. Protect your health and that of your loved ones, by ensuring that the mattress is given a thorough and deep clean. 


  • Avoiding skin problems


Some of the substances in the mattress can also result in irritation of the skin of sensitive persons. These are the likes of the dust mite waste, which has been known to inflame eczema. Insects scurrying around the bed also pose a risk, and ensuring that the mattress is cleaned goes a long way in providing safe and healthy living conditions. 


  • Bring back your comfort


When the mattress is soiled, full of allergens, or has odours coming from it, it can get really uncomfortable. From your kids’ bedrooms to the guestrooms, you don’t want your family members, friends and relatives who are sleeping over to have their comfort being put on the line because of the sorry state of the mattress. They should be able to rest and have a peaceful night’s sleep. Our crew will give the units in your residence a quality clean, which also enhances the ambience of your home.


Hire Professionals To Clean Your Mattress

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