Have The Professionals Clean Your Mattress

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Have The Professionals Clean Your Mattress

Have The Professionals Clean Your Mattress

Different aspects are looked at when selecting the right company to handle your mattress cleaning needs. First, there is its reputation. What do other clients say about the services that were offered? How long has the company been in operation? These are pointers to the track record that the company has. Going through its testimonials and reviews on business directories and social media platforms will enable you to gauge the image of the company, and its commitment towards customer satisfaction. This includes how the customers are treated, the speed with which the services are offered, to the customer service. What kind of equipment at are used? Here you want to deal with a company that has the machinery required to give your mattress a deep clean. After all, a job where stains remain on the material, or residue is left behind, would only exasperate you, and force you to spend more funds in hiring additional services to resolve the issue. The experience level of the mattress cleaning team also comes into play. This includes their training and certification. That way, you can be sure that your property is in the hands of experts. When it comes to process, be wary of the rock-bottom offers. You get what you pay for, and these are often an indication of poor services, lack of insurance cover, or an outright bait-and-switch scam. Ensure that you receive a full quotation for the services being rendered before the task is began. Certainly, you also don’t want prices that are too high that they rip a hole through your wallet. An affordable pricing, with a detailed breakdown in the quotation showing that is being paid for, will enable you to have your needs met in an economical manner.  

Benefits Of Hiring Expert Mattress Cleaning Services


  • In-depth clean


You want a thorough job done, not just one where the surface soiling is removed. Vacuuming alone doesn’t get the job done, while hiring a rookie company for the job means that there will be shortcuts taken during the process, resulting in substandard results. The professionals use industrial-grade equipment that delivers a deep clean each time. The systems flush out the soiling that is buried within the mattress, leaving it fresh and clean. What’s more, being licenced and certified, they have access to a wider range of cleaning agents compared to those that are available in the open market. This, coupled with the modernised systems and high skill level of the crew, allows them to use the appropriate process for your particular mattress, getting the job done without risking the structural integrity of the unit. The products that are used for the stain removal, neutralising the odours and treating the mattress are safe for the environment, meeting EU regulations on the same. 


  • Prolong the life of your mattress


Mistakes made during the DIY process, or using the wrong equipment for the task, can result in permanent damage to your mattress. The unit was no doubt expensive, and you don’t want to watch your funds getting washed down the drain. Blunders like using too much solution or failing to extract it from the mattress material, thus leaving it too wet, encourage mould and mildew to grow. Harsh cleaning chemicals, where the pH of the products is incompatible with the mattress material, will cause issues like corrosion and weakening of the structure. Some chemicals will cause the stains that are on the unit to latch more strongly to the mattress. You don’t want to run this risk with the popular DIY reagents that are used for cleaning the hard surfaces and other structures in the home. With the professionals, you won’t have to worry about that. What’s more, by getting rid of the dirt and grime that is accumulating in the unit, the mattress cleaning reduces the rate of wear, allowing it to last for much longer. 


  • Odour removal


Those foul smells that are being emitted by the mattress are also dealt with. The source itself- be it the organic residue that is in the material, sweat and body fluids that were absorbed by it, or issues like urine stains- are got rid of. In addition, odour neutralisers are used in the premises. These products have been formulated to react with the molecules of the odour, rendering them inert. That way, the odours won’t recur. What’s more, you can choose to have fragranced products being used, which leave behind an invigorating scent. 


  • The convenient approach


You don’t exactly have the time to give the mattress a thorough clean. From the numerous activities in your work and social life, the conventional chores to do around the house, and taking some time off to rest, having to deal with the mattress will put a strain on you. This is an involving process, and it’s more difficult due to the low capacity of the machinery that is rented out from stores. With reduced power ratings and effectiveness in getting the job done, you end up spending much more time on cleaning every single mattress, which eats away huge chunks of your free time. Spending your weekend working on the mattress and still winding up with low quality results can be unnerving. Avoid the hassle involved by leaving the job to the qualified mattress cleaning team. 

How often should the mattress be cleaned?

Ignoring the mattress cleaning is detrimental to your health. Removing the sheets and tossing them into the washing machine is not all that is needed. Granted, the bedding should be washed at least on a weekly basis, in order to minimise the amount of gunk, sweat and body fluids that get to the mattress. For the mattress itself, it should be cleaned once every season, or a minimum of twice every year. For hotels, Airbnb’s and others in the hospitality industry, the frequency will be higher, due to the different kinds of visitors who will be using the mattresses, and you have no idea what happens behind the closed doors after they check into their rooms.

Have The Professionals Clean Your Mattress

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