How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work

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How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work

How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


  • The first step is to vacuum the carpet. A huge percentage of the soiling is dry particulates, and can be removed from the fibres using the high-powered vacuums operated by the professional crew. This enables the extraction system to focus on the heavy soiling, stubborn stains, and the grime buried deep within the carpet. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


  • Next is the pre spraying. High efficacy products are used. Their role is to break down the soiling, emulsify the grease spots, and dissolve the stains. Different products are used depending on the exact type of carpet you have, in order to eliminate the gunk while preserving the structural integrity of the material. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


  • The agitation follows. Counter rotating brushes work the cleaning agents into the carpet, ensuring that they get deep into the fibres, separating the gunk from the carpet material. This agitation also loosens up the soiling, which speeds up the removal processes that are to follow. The action also pulls up those unwanted fibres such as strings and hair from the carpet. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


  • The carpet cleaning crew then allow some dwell time, depending on the products used and the level of soiling in the carpet. This is to enable the chemicals to carry out their mandate of grease emulsification, dissolving the grime, destroying bacteria colonies, and even neutralising odours. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


  • Extraction then follows. Water that’s heated to high temperature is pumped into the carpet, flushing out the dirt and grime to the surface of the fibres. The pressurised water further liquefies the soiling and oil-based substances that are in the carpet. High-powered suction is then used to suck out the mixture of cleaning solution and grime from the carpet. The industrial grade systems used by the carpet cleaning crew ensure the extraction is thorough, removing the detergents and ensuring that there is no residue left behind. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


  • All that’s left is to dry. However, the carpet is first groomed to ensure that it dries evenly, and in its natural position. The powerful suction that is used during the extraction also removes the bulk of the moisture. This means that it gets to dry faster. Your carpet will have dried naturally within 1-3 hours after cleaning, reducing the disruption to your daily life at home or in your business premises. It also prevents issues such as the growth of mould and mildew, as fungi require material to be wet for prolonged periods in order to grow and thrive. You get to protect your investment from damage, and the persons in your establishment from the health risks that would have resulted from the spores and mycotoxins and the fungi produce. The drying process can further be sped up by ensuring there is proper ventilation in the establishment. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work

Depending on the requirements of the carpet owner, it can be additionally treated. Products are applied to increase attributes such as its stain resistance, and even to reduce the build up of static charge.


Steam Cleaning vs. Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Systems

These are two major options that are employed in the industry today. In fact, the names are often used interchangeably, but that actually inaccurate. There are inherent differences between the two modes of cleaning, which have implication on the processes employed, and the level of cleanliness that is obtained. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


For starters, there’s the temperature. For steam cleaning, the temperatures have to be high enough to convert the water to gaseous state. Hence it must exceed 100C (212F), resulting in a higher energy consumption. For the hot water extraction, the water doesn’t have to reach boiling point. However, you may notice some steam during the process, but that’s just a by-product. When it comes to the cleaning methods, the carpet is actually rinsed during the hot water extraction. This removes the detergents and other agents used during the cleaning, preventing resoiling. On the other hand, with steam cleaning, there is no rinsing. Steam cleaning is also limited to synthetic fibres, as it can cause shrinkage in natural fibre carpets. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


Hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems are thus preferred, and recommended, by carpet manufacturers all around the world. This is due to the deeper cleaning obtained, and the reduced risk to the material of the carpet. Moreover, heavy detergents can be used in the processes since there will be sufficient rinsing thereafter. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


Benefits Of Using Hot water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Systems


  1. Deep clean Your goal is to get rid of the dirt and grime that’s on the surface and buried deep within the carpet. This is to ensure that it is truly clean, and the hot water extraction systems enable you to achieve that. The stubborn stains and gunk that has built up over time are eliminated, freshening up the carpet, and strengthening its fibres. The combination of high temperatures and pressures, plus the chemical concentrates that are used, increases the efficacy of the process, thus a thorough job is carried out, and quality results delivered. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


  1. Fast results You don’t want your carpet being out of commission for days. That’s an inconvenience at home, where you have to keep rooms sealed off, and constantly explain to your kids why they won’t be able to access the area. In business premises, your activities get hampered, and the comfort of your customers and employees taken away. This puts a dent on the productivity of your enterprise. The hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems are designed to ensure a quick and thorough process is carried out, cutting down the time needed to restore the elegance to your installation. What’s more, with the drying time also slashed down, normalcy gets to be restored in your establishment in moments.How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work


  1. Preserve your warranty By scheduling professional carpet cleaning sessions, you get to preserve your warranty with its manufacturer. The insistence of the latter on the use of hot water extraction systems allows you to keep in line with the maintenance requirements of your investment. It’s also the most widely used method, proven to work on numerous types of carpets all around the world. The professional crew take this up a notch by using state-of-the-art machinery, to ensure that you get satisfactory results each time. How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work

How Hot Water Extraction Carpet Systems Work

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