Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is An Uphill Task

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Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is An Uphill Task

Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is An Uphill Task


Is carpet cleaning easy to do? Without the requisite skills and machinery for the job, you end up spending more time, energy and resources to get rid of the dirt and grime. In fact, there are cases where the soiling is not removed, and instead pushed further deeper into the carpet, which is not how you want things to turn out. Factors such as the structural integrity of the carpet are also at stake, and even your peace of mind. Here are reasons why going the DIY route with the carpet cleaning is more trouble than it is worth:


  1. Using low efficiency equipment – Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is An Uphill Task


For starters, the equipment that is hired from stores comes with a lower capacity than the industrial grade machinery used by the professional carpet cleaning crew. The rental units are designed with a huge bearing on portability and ease of use. Their component parts, from the motors to the scrubbing and vacuuming systems, are smaller in order to enable them fit easily into the trunk of your car so that you can transport it home, and also so that you won’t break your back manoeuvring them on the carpet. While all this is fine and dandy, it sacrifices on a major factor that’s essential to deliver a deep clean: power. Power needed to heat loads of water to high temperatures for the hot water extraction units, power to thoroughly scrub the cleaning agents into the fibres of the carpet, all through to the power needed to pressurize the water and force it deep into the carpet to flush out the grime, and also for the rinsing. The vacuum systems are also less efficient, meaning residue is left in the carpet. You end up spending more time to work on the carpets in your establishment, further inconveniencing you. It’s worse when the equipment itself is faulty, or out of tune. It takes up more energy, and doesn’t even deliver the desired quality of the results. Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is An Uphill Task


  1. Overshamphooing


When it comes to cleaning agents, more does not necessarily mean better. Using too much shampoo simply increases your workload, and leads to more residue being left behind in the carpet. Rinsing becomes difficult, and the residue itself is a dirt magnet, attracting soiling at a faster rate. You end up being forced to redo the carpet cleaning sooner than you had anticipated. Overshampooing is typically witnessed when improper dilution ratios are used, or one comes across stubborn dirt or stain spots, and goes overboard in an attempt to remove them. Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is An Uphill Task


  1. Overwetting the carpet


There are also those cases when the DIYer drenches the carpet in cleaning solution. Whether it was too much water being used, or the extraction system lacks the power to vacuum away the bulk of the moisture content, it all leads to a cocktail of trouble. First, there is the immediate risk of causing colour bleeding. Here, the dyes in the carpet get leached out by the excessive water, leading to discoloured spots. You don’t want patches popping up all over your carpet, or it generally dulling and losing the appeal that had been brought by the vibrant colours. The carpet can also separate from its backing, which actually structurally ruins it. Shrinkage may also occur. There have been numerous cases reported of the carpet literally tearing itself up from the floor as it shrinks. Overwetting means that the carpet will take longer to dry. This is an inconvenience to the persons in the premises. Rooms remain sealed off for longer, traffic has to be strictly controlled for the extended period of time, and activities around the residential or commercial establishment will be disrupted. The longer the carpet remains wet, the higher the chances of mould and mildew growing. The fungal spores attach themselves to the fibres, and thrive in the conditions of the damp carpet. This comes with its Pandora’s Box of problems, from musky odours that cause discomfort by ruining the indoor air quality, stains of all sorts of colours depending on the species that has attacked the carpet, to health risks from the mycotoxins that are released by the fungi. Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is An Uphill Task


  1. Piled up costs


The desire to lower costs by taking on the carpet cleaning as a DIY job can end up setting you back financially further. It’s not just about the cost of getting quality equipment that is well maintained and in optimal condition. there are also the accessories and chemicals that are needed for the task. First, there is the detergent to carry out the general cleaning, in proportional quantities to the size of the carpet, and the amount of grime it has accumulated over time. For the highly soiled areas, you’ll need specialised products that will dissolve the dirt and emulsify the grease. In case you have a pet and urine accidents are an issue, add to your shopping list chemical reagents that have urine removal properties. For those individual stubborn stains, then a bottle of spot and stain remover will be required. Since you won’t want foaming issues that lead to damage of machine component parts, you might as well add an anti-foam product to your shopping cart. Those nasty stenches emanating from the carpet will need to be neutralised using odour removers. Renting the equipment itself may also be expensive, especially when there are issues like the damage deposit and other hidden charges factored in. The costs spiral out of control, and it’s in addition to the time and energy expended during the process due to the reduced capabilities and effectiveness of the DIY set-up. All this is before factoring in the costly repairs and replacements that will need to be made in case of any mishaps. Is it really grabbing a bargain? Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is An Uphill Task


  1. Voiding your warranty


Threats to the carpet during the DIY cleaning projects are the main reason carpet manufacturers insist on having them cleaned regularly by certified professionals. In fact, they go further to put this as a clause in the warranty agreement. Going the DIY route takes away this cover, further exposing you to losses. In addition to all this are the distractions from your daily life. If it’s at home, there are the interruptions by kids and friends, from managing them and creating order in the house, to those dropping by for visits, that meal that you may be simultaneously cooking up in the kitchen, the phone that keeps ringing every other moment, all through to the rest of the chores that are pending around the residence. In business premises, taking your employees away from their workstations to focus on the carpet cleaning cripples your operations, affecting your service delivery to your clients. Avoid the workload and achieve the high quality results you desire by scheduling professional carpet cleaning services. Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is An Uphill Task


Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is An Uphill Task

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