Keep Your Sofa Looking Elegant

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Keep Your Sofa Looking Elegant

Keep Your Sofa Looking Elegant

When you first bought your furniture, it looked great, right? You took time to pick out the right set that brings out your taste and style, and you don’t want that effort to go down the drain. A dull and dilapidated sofa can quickly become a drag on the indoor decor. It dampens the mood of the space, and even makes you frustrated since you had invested in making the space elegant. 

Here are some of the measures that you can take to protect your sofa: 

  1. Vacuum frequently

Everyone from the sofa manufacturer to cleaning blogs and YouTube videos insists that you should vacuum the upholstery regularly – and this is with good reason. Firstly, the abrasive soiling particles that are accumulating in the cushions are a major cause for it wearing down. Secondly, many of these particles are allergens and they get raised into the airspace whenever the upholstery or cushions get disturbed, from where they are inhaled and trigger reactions. Vacuuming will remove the loose particles from the furniture, and reduce the rate at which grime is building up in the unit. However, this is not enough, and needs to be complemented with the occasional deep sofa cleaning. 

  1. Fluff and Flip Cushions

If you don’t, they’ll get uneven wear, which makes the sofa age faster. This simple act – which takes a couple of seconds will enable your unit to remain cosy for longer, and it’s recommended that you do it regularly.

  1. Clean up spills quickly

The sofa is absorbent, and will soak up those spills that wind up on it. These in turn leave behind stains. Sure, you can be extra careful when handling beverages about the furniture, but you cannot completely prevent spills from happening. Accidents are a part of life, and unfortunately some of this will involve sending a cup of tea, some coffee, that wine glass, or even yoghurt and milk that was with the kids, all over the cushions. Here time is of the essence and the faster you act the higher the chances that you will be able to get rid of the stain. Start by blotting up as much of the liquids as you can with an absorbent cloth or towel, then proceed to clean the spot with a stain removing solution that is suitable for that particular type of upholstery material. 

  1. Getting rid of pet hair on the sofa

For those with cats and dogs, they are bound to find themselves in situations where the upholstery is covered in lots of fur, which can be frustrating to remove – especially on those spots where Fluffy or Kitty likes napping. After vacuuming the sofa, follow through with an upholstery brush – preferably one that has medium or firm bristles. This will help you to remove the bits of fur left strewn all of the furniture. You can also work with lint rollers, but these are more ideal for situations where you’re just dealing with a few bits of fur on the upholstery.

Get More Value By Tapping Into Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

Hiring the pros to give your sofa a thorough wash will ensure that the ingrained soiling is got rid of, and as well as resolve the problems with those troublesome stains that are on your unit. There are different methods used for the deep cleaning, such as the popular hot water extraction. Note that there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach, especially when it comes to sofa care. The different types of upholsteries from natural and synthetic fabric sofas, to leather units, each have their requirements. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended that you hire professionals for the task, given that they have the skills and equipment needed to work on the various kinds of sofas, to get the task done without posing a risk to the unit. 

Pick The Right Team To Work On Your Sofa

Who you choose to handle the sofa cleaning is critical. Hiring the wrong company could wreak havoc on your unit, within all kinds of risks from delivering low-quality results, to damaging the furniture itself and costing you lots of funds to have repairs done. 

So what do you focus on when choosing between the different local solfa cleaning companies? For starters, how long has the company been in operation? Generally, the longer that a company has been in business and thriving, the higher the chances that you’re dealing with a reliable firm, which has both the personnel and machinery needed for the task. Ask about the kinds of training that the cleaning crew has received, as well as any certification that has been obtained. Note that some companies use in-house personnel for the job, while others subcontract to different companies, so you will need to get this clarified early on, to know exactly who will be sent to your home. What about reviews from previous clients? These can be easily found on the company’s social media pages – and some will also be on the listings of the business directory review section. Speaking of which, a company without an online presence in this day and age will be a major red flag.

When it comes to the costs, they will vary based on the particular sofa sets being worked on, and the upholstery material that is involved. From the natural and synthetic fabric units, to hose with aniline, semi-aniline and even nubuck leather sofas. After all, these will require their different modes of approach. Do you want the dining chair or armchair worked on? It is a 2- 3- or even 7-seater sofa? The level of staining and soiling involved also factors in, plus the cleaning frequency that you want to schedule. Is it a one-time clean such as when you’re preparing for an event or dealing with the aftermath of a party? Or is it the routine clean up to keep the furniture in top condition? These will impact on the final pricing, and you should get a quotation that has a detailed breakdown of what you’re paying for.

Keep Your Sofa Looking Elegant

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