Maintaining Your Sofa

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Maintaining Your Sofa

Maintaining Your Sofa

Lots of time and effort goes into getting the right furniture for your home. Its core to the functionality of the living area, and factors such as the space available, budget, and personal style go into making the selection. There are those who aim for a casual look and feel, one that encourages comfort and relaxation, and others who go for the upholsteries with bright patterns and hues, that will produce a “Wow!” effect to anyone walking into the room. Different upholsteries, from the natural and synthetic sofas, to the leather alternatives are also available, each with their strengths and drawbacks, and requiring different levels of care. The construction also factors in, especially when you have kids and pets, and you want furniture that can hold up to the heavy usage. After taking your time to settle on the sofa that fits your living or working space, you want to protect it and prolong its life. After all, it is one of the most expensive sets of furniture that will be in the building. Scheduling routine sofa cleaning services will enable you to protect your set.

Busting Common Sofa Cleaning Myths

Just like in any other industry, the sofa cleaning industry also has its fair share of myths and misconceptions. In some cases they are believable, to the point of discouraging the sofa owners from having their units properly cleaned. Let’s debunk some of these myths:



Looks can be deceiving. Throughout its life in the home or business premises, the sofa is gradually building up dirt and grime. This is both within the upholstery and cushions. By the time visible signs of colour changes are occurring, there could already be huge levels of allergens, pollutants, and contaminants within the set. All this while the persons using the sofa will be at risk of exposure to these agents. Scheduling routine sofa cleaning sessions is key in preserving the health standards of the premises. 


  • A DIY job is just as good as a professional one


For professional sofa cleaning companies, this is their bread and butter. Their business relies on delivering top quality results. As such, huge capital investments go into sourcing for high-powered machinery and training their staff. Maintaining an experienced team on the payroll is also vital. Combining the skill of the personnel plus the effectiveness of the equipment used is key in delivering the results that the client desires. This is not comparable to DIY hacks from blogs and the occasional YouTube video. So much goes into the sofa cleaning task, with different factors coming into play. These range from the cleaning solutions that will be compatible with the upholstery fabric being worked on, while still breaking down the dirt spots and stains, all through to the optimal temperatures and pressures of the water that is used. The scrubbing tools, vacuuming equipment to extract the moisture from the rinsed sofa- they all come into play. Even additional treatment measures factor in, since there will be units where conditioning will need to be carried out to restore the lost protective agents. It’s common to witness DIYers getting frustrated by the process, especially after spending hours on the task and winding up with low-quality results. Damage to the upholstery can be costly, especially when repair or replacements will be needed. These are not the risks you want to put yourself through. Avoid them by getting the professionals to clean your sofa. 


  • New sofas don’t require cleaning


“It’s just a couple of months old, it can’t really be that dirty, can it?” Yes, it can. In many of the cases, when new sofa sets are purchased, the owner takes long before scheduling a thorough wash for them. This is ill-advised. The unit ends up accumulating loads of grime, which even accelerates deterioration of the upholstery. Things don’t have to go this way. Having your set cleaned regularly will actually help in preserving that new look and feel, keeping it elegant for longer.

Importance Of Investing In Professional Sofa Cleaning Services


  • A detailed process


Our personnel inspect the furniture before setting out on the task. Hence, factors such as the type of upholstery, problematic areas that need close attention, the kinds of stains that are to be removed, all through to the level of soiling are taken into the account. These will be used to determine the method of approach that will be taken for the sofa cleaning, from the products that will be required- including pre-treatment formulations, stain removers, grease emulsifiers to the odour neutralizers, to the machinery needed to give the sofa a deep clean. Whether water will be incorporated to the process or not, the temperatures and pressures that will be involved- it all varies based on the different situations. Our crew have the experience needed to determine the appropriate method that will yield the required results in minimal time. High-powered extraction machinery is used for the cleaning, getting to the gunk that is buried deep within the furnishings. The formulations that are used come with their strengths, from breaking down the heavy soiling build-ups, to chemically dissolving the stubborn stains that have been left behind on the sofa. After the rinsing, thorough suction from powerful vacuuming systems comes in to remove the bulk of the moisture content, leaving the upholstery just slightly damp. This cuts down the drying time, and you get to resume using the furniture in just couple of hours- within the same day that it has been worked on. 


  • Protecting your unit


With regular sofa cleaning services, it’s not just about the aesthetics. The dirt and grime that is building up in the unit is a threat to its structural integrity. The soiling is abrasive, wearing down the upholstery. It weakens the material, cutting down the lifespan of your furniture. With all the resources- both time and energy that went into purchasing the right set for your home or business premises, no doubt you want it to last for long. Scheduling the regular sofa cleaning services will prevent premature wearing down, enabling you to enjoy the sofa throughout its life on the premises. This also means that you get to avoid the hefty repair and replacement costs that would have been incurred along the way. 

Additional measures are also taken to further maintain the sofa. These include the application of protector formulations upon request. These bring on board attributes such as resistance to soiling and staining. By forming a layer of protection, the treatment repels the grime and spills that wind up on the unit. This protects the underlying structure, and also makes the subsequent sofa cleaning sessions easier. 


  • Residential Sofa Cleaning Services


Your home should be a place where you can comfortably relax in. Do you have a favourite sofa? That one which you look forward to kicking back and lounging on, drink in one hand and remote controller in the other? The go-to seat when reading the day’s paper or scrolling through blogs on your smartphone? That furniture set where you can curl up with a novel, or snuggle up to your significant other? The dirt and grime ruins the peace and comfort. Stains riddling the unit, odours that hit you whenever you lay your head on the cushions- they can be annoying. The state of the furniture is also a cause of anxiety, from the nagging thoughts about pending chores, to the awkward conversations that are had when guests come over. Inviting your friends and family to “Have a sat and feel at home”, and then have them question whether the stains or pet fur on the upholstery will stick to their clothes can be unnerving. Some even cancel having the visits altogether, which puts a strain on the relationships. Speaking of which, dirty furniture can be a trigger for couple fights, with blame games ensuing on one hand, and on the other the partner feeling that their significant other isn’t pulling their weight around the house enough. You may already have your hands full with your work and social life, that there really isn’t much time left over to deal with heavy chores like the sofa cleaning. Don’t fret. Let our professional crew take it off your hands, and deliver quality results. That way you get to avoid the awkward scenarios with guests, and relax on freshly cleaned furniture.

Our sofa cleaning team will give your unit a thorough wash, be it a tufted Chesterfield sofa whose design can be traced back to the 18th century when it was commissioned by the Earl of Chesterfield; Lawson sofas that came in the 20th century and were designed with the main emphasis being the comfort of the user; contemporary mid-century modern sofas that can be based on other designs- such as the contemporary chesterfield; Bridgewater sofas with their backs that have been softly rolled and the padded loose cushions, setting a casual look and feel and have the ability to blend into virtually any decor- and there are units that come with interior springs to increase the level of comfort; camelback sofas that can have one to three humps depending on the size and the desire of the owner, and whose history goes way back to the late 18th century; cabriole sofas that typically feature an exposed wood trim and can have ornate elements and a cushion throughout; or a sleeper sofa such as the pull-outs, convertible sofas or the futon. Day beds, bunk-bed sleepers, loveseat sofas which basically refers to the sets that have been constructed for two people; divans and settee sofas, all through to the large recliners which are usually used in media rooms due to their comfort while watching TV, and even the tuxedo sofas with their high arms and classy look- our personnel will ensure that your unit receives a quality clean.


  • Commercial Sofa Cleaning Services


Having a clean environment shows your clients that you respect and care about them. Your employees also want to perform their duties in a clean and healthy establishment. With the average person spending close to 80% of their time indoors, where there are increased levels of pollutants, ensuring that a routine cleaning is carried out is key. This involves everything from the hard surfaces and carpeting, to the sofa itself. While other areas are always on the to-do list, the sofa may have taken a back burner, which means that it puts the persons in the interior space at risk. With our sofa cleaning services, you get to restore your set to its optimal condition. This has a wide range of benefits for your business. For starters, by giving your customers a positive impression about your enterprise, they will be more willing to engage you and purchase your products and services. Your employees also get more motivated to carry out their tasks, which results in increased productivity. After all, it would be difficult to concentrate when they’re surrounded by dust spots, or whenever they glance across the room to the furniture, a stain catches their eye. With odours, once can barely put their mind on anything else due to the foul smells assaulting their nostrils. The sofa cleaning resolves this.

Office buildings, entertainment centres, hotels and restaurants, clubs and art galleries, consultancy rooms, all through to nursing homes, our sofa cleaning services are available across the scope. The packages are customized to your specific business’ cleaning needs. This is as we understand that you would like as minimal distortion as possible to your business activities. You get to schedule a sofa cleaning session that will be convenient to you. Let us take care of your furniture, freeing you to focus on growing your business.



  • No surprises


With us, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees cropping up down the road. You receive a detailed quotation beforehand, with a price breakdown that will enable you to make a well-informed decision. The sofa cleaning costs themselves are affordable, and tailored to meet your particular needs- taking into account factors such as the size of the sofa, number of sets, and the type of material being worked on. 

Maintaining Your Sofa

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