Local Sofa Cleaning Professionals Near You

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Local Sofa Cleaning Professionals Near You

Local Sofa Cleaning Professionals Near You


The various kinds of upholstery come with their different strengths and attributes. These affect how it holds out to the heavy sage the sofa handles, aspects like how it ages over time, and also the level of maintenance that is required. From homes to commercial establishments and government institutions, the kind of sofas selected depends on factors such as durability, resistance to staining, and the lifestyle of the area where it will be set up in. Take natural fabric sofas for instance. Linen is an elegant option, and is ideal for the low-traffic area. What’s more, it is especially recommended for use in adult areas where there are no kids running around, where the risks of spills and damage are minimal. Wool, on the other hand, comes with a higher resistance to wrinkling and staining. It can be blended with synthetic material in order to enhance its attributes, and make the sofa cleaning process easier. Silk is more delicate, and is popular for the formal areas. In case of soiling and staining, it is highly recommended that one seeks professional sofa cleaning services. Cotton is a family-friendly natural fabric sofa. Its durability enables it to withstand everyday wear and pilling. However, this does not make it immune to wrinkling and soiling. As such, routine care is also required.

Leather, sourced from animal hide, is a luxurious addition to any space. It exudes elegance, enhancing the decor of the premises in which the sofa has been placed in. There are different kinds of leather sofas available, from aniline, nubuck, to the suede leather furnishings. Faux leather is also growing in popularity, where you have a material that resembles the look and feel of leather, but available at a lower cost. There are also those residential and commercial establishments where the sofa’s upholstery is made using synthetic fibres. These are the likes of polyester, which is usually blended with other fibres in order to enhance resistance to crushing, fading, and wrinkling; nylon that is one of the strongest materials to be used for furniture; acrylic that is developed to imitate wool; plus olefin which has a higher resistance to abrasions and even solar radiation, making it popular for the sofas that receive very heavy usage. All these materials still need regular care, that way you get to preserve their structural integrity, and keep your furniture looking elegant for longer. This makes sofa cleaning services a core part of the maintenance program.

Quality sofa care

Do you have a Bridgewater sofa? Also known as a birch-arm sofa, this one comes with a rolled back and features loose, padded cushions. It sets a casual tone to the space. It can even have a slipcover, which will be also taken care of as part of the sofa cleaning. There are those who opt for camelback sofas. These have a distinct arched back, which forms a peak at the centre and sides. It’s named after the camel, since its arches resemble the animal’s humps. The camelback sofas also tend to have bold upholstery that has graphic prints. The arms and back of the cabriole sofa, on the other hand, have an equal height. The arms also usually curve inwards, forming a long line that extends smoothly from one arm to the other. The English rolled arm sofa is characterised by its plush and loose cushions, plus a tight back and the rounded arms. This design has featured in home furnishings since the early 20th century, and also comes in handy when you want to use slipcovers on the sofa. There are those homes that also have chaise lounges. This particular piece is designed for relaxation in bedrooms or areas like at the poolside. Some have it as a status symbol, and others include it as a decorative element to the interior space- hence the stylish colours selected.

What of sleeper sofas? These perform the dual role of being a sofa by day and bed by night, such as the daybed which has been so aptly named. Pull-out sofa beds are also into this category, and are one of the most popular options. One simply pulls out -hence the name- the bed from the belly of the sofa, and folds it back in place in the morning. With the futon, the back folds downwards, forming a large and large cushioned surface where one can comfortably sleep on. In fact, the word “futon” comes from the Japanese phrase for “bedding”. This increased usage also means the build-up of grime will be at a greater concentration, and a thorough sofa cleaning will be needed more frequently. Loveseat sofas- that broadly refers to the sofas which have been designed for two people, tuxedo sofas that have a formal look, divans which lack a back and are set up against the wall, to settee sofas which are more like wide dining room chairs- our sofa cleaning team will work on them all.

Safe processes

You want to be sure that the products and systems that are being used are safe for your family, including the children and pets. You don’t want chemicals that will produce toxic fumes, affecting the indoor air quality, or residue that will be left behind in the material and affect the persons using it. With our professional sofa cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about any of that. We use eco-friendly products, that have passed EU regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability. The entire process, from the cleaning to the waste management, is carried out with respect to Mother Nature, and you also won’t have to worry about run-off polluting the surrounding water bodies. In addition, our services are insured, giving you the peace of mind that you are protected in case of any unfortunate incident. The safety measures put in place by our crew prevent such cases from occurring in the first place, and going the next step to acquire the insurance coverage is a testament of the high standards which we adhere to when providing the services.  

Local Sofa Cleaning Professionals Near You

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