Sofa Cleaning - The Sofa Cleaning Crew You Can Count On

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Sofa Cleaning - The Sofa Cleaning Crew You Can Count On

Sofa Cleaning – The Sofa Cleaning Crew You Can Count On

Despite vacuuming the sofa occasionally, there still remains a build-up of grime. The food and drink spills on the set make a mess. From coffee, tea and wine stains, ketchup smudges, pet fur and dander- the sofa hoards these substances, with the liquids soaking into the upholstery. There’s also the dust that accumulates in the foam core and batting- like what happens with mattresses. Simply clap the arm or back of the sofa. Do you see a cloud of dust particles rising up? There’s bound to be more within the material. You can also perform a sniff test. The decaying organic matter in the sofa produces a dull odour. If it is musty, then it may be a case of mould developing within the material. Do you smell ammonia? Perhaps it’s cat urine. In fact, with the pet urine stains, they will be hard to miss. These are pungent, making the sofa unusable. Enzymatic sofa cleaning products are needed in this case, to break down the proteins that are in the unit, and aid in its extraction from the set.

Colonies of bacteria

They will find suitable living conditions in the sofa. They are transferred onto it through items like the remote controller and handbag. For instance, the handbag travels everywhere with you, from the office, the bus, public parks and the club, to the restrooms in these areas. On the way, it picks up microbes. Then you get home and toss the handbag on to the sofa, some of these get transferred onto the cushions and pillows. There are also those cases where persons in the building are sick. Game controllers, the occasional coins that get “lost” in the sofa- these all increase the gem concentration in the material. Add to this the decaying organic matter. Dust mite faecal pellets, insects’ body husks, and the food crumbs themselves- the microscopic creatures feed on the material, growing in numbers. The sofa arm alone can clock over a dozen times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Basically, the armrest that you most likely rest your head on when lying down to watch some TV can have more bacteria per square inch than the toilet which handles body waste on a daily basis. It may be a case of the sniffles, with the affected individual coughing and sneezing incessantly. With the amount of time that the person will spend on the sofa, it comes as no surprise that the microbes will wind up on the upholstery, increasing the spread of infection. The warm conditions of the sofa can enable the bacteria and viruses to survive for days, while still being potent enough to affect the healthy persons. A thorough sofa cleaning will enable you to protect the health of your family members.

Getting rid of stains

Those unsightly spots that have been formed on the sofa by food and drink spills, ketchup smudges, pet urine, ink blots, and even blood spots from cuts or nicks, are got rid of during the sofa cleaning. The products used will react with the stain, and break it down. The contents are then extracted with the rest of the grime. Pre-treatments can be utilized for those heavy build-ups of dirt that have been ingrained into the upholstery, in order to reduce the workload and enhance the efficiency of the premises. You don’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your set being on the line. This is because our sofa cleaning personnel are highly trained, and come with the skills needed to determine the appropriate products and methods to use for your particular situation. Our processes are also eco-friendly, that way you won’t increase your carbon footprint in the course of getting the dirt and grime removed from your furniture. The products themselves pose no risk on the kids and pets on the premises, and also adhere to EU regulations governing biodegradability plus environmental sustainability.

Catering to the different types of sofa materials

They are numerous, varying from one household to another, in offices, clinics, nursing homes and even entertainment venues. The different upholstery materials come with their unique characteristics, making them ideal for various scenarios. For instance, for the households with pets, and where the sofa is placed in an area where it is under direct sunlight, factors to consider are the durability of the material, and it’s fade resistance. This makes options like microfibre sofas ideal. In case you want to put up the set in a formal room- and when there are no children in the house (hence the reduced chances of spills), then a linen sofa may be preferred. Linen is delicate, and will wrinkle and soil easily. In fact, it is specifically recommended that you only have the linen sofa cleaning done by the professionals, especially due to the high risk of shrinkage of the material.

Leather sofas are also popular. These ones come in different grade options. From aniline and semi-aniline sofas, to nubuck and suede materials. The leather adds a natural look and feel to the space, and also actually looks better with age, as it develops more character over time. However, sharp objects, the claws of cats and dogs can ruin the material, and being placed in direct sunlight can cause fading. Some may go for faux leather, which is a synthetic material that gives you the leather look at a lower cost. With cotton sofas, the durability of the material largely depends on the thread count, since that the tighter weaves are stronger. On the other hand, the loose weaves have a nicer visual appeal, though they will wear down faster. Perhaps you have polyester upholstery. This synthetic fabric is durable and wrinkle-resistant, and is a popular option for the households with children. Chenille fabric is soft, and it comes with a comforting, fuzzy texture. However, the tufted threads can be snagged by pets’ claws. Regular vacuuming is needed for chenille sofas, and the liquid spills on it will usually need professional sofa cleaning.

Sofa Cleaning – The Sofa Cleaning Crew You Can Count On

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