Risks Associated With The DIY Sofa Cleaning Process

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Risks Associated With The DIY Sofa Cleaning Process

Risks Associated With The DIY Sofa Cleaning Process


Cleaning the sofa is not simply about sloshing detergent and water onto the stains and scrubbing them away. Maintaining your unit requires proper care, otherwise irreversible damage could be made. Horror stories from DIY sofa cleaning are common. They range from one getting unsatisfactory results that forced them to redo the entire task, inconvenience from sofas that remained soggy for too long, all through discolouration, ruined fibres, and even additional staining.


  • When too much water is used


This is one of the most common mistakes. Ideally, loads of water for the cleaning and rinsing should make the process easier. However, in reality, this is not the case. The material of the upholstery plays a key role in this. For some fabric sofas, the material will shrink. For others like leather sofas the imbalance in moisture levels will affect the structural integrity of the unit itself. The equipment used also comes into focus. The professional sofa cleaning company uses industry grade machinery that has powerful suction. As such, the bulk of the moisture content gets extracted from the sofa at the end of the process. The units that are rented from stores for DIY projects come with reduced capacities. In a bid to make them less expensive to rent, plus light to carry around, component parts have smaller sizes- from the pumps to the motors. This translates into reduced efficiency, putting the DIYer at a disadvantage right from the onset. When it comes to suctioning out the water after the cleaning, the success of the operations is affected, leaving the upholstery too soggy. This has a couple of ramifications. For starters, it means that the sofa will be out of commission for long. After all, no one wants to sit on wet cushions. In addition, the longer the sofa remains soggy, the higher the chances of mould and mildew developing. These form unsightly stains of different sorts of colours, ruining the appeal of your sofa- and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your health and that of the rest of the persons on the premises is also put at risk. The fungi release spores, which are allergens, triggering anything from incessant coughing and sneezing, to asthma attacks and respiratory distress. There are also those species of the fungi that produce mycotoxins, which pose further risk to the body organs.


  • Working with the wrong cleaning procedures


Sofas come in different types. With the fabric, they can be broadly categorised into natural and synthetic sofas. These each have their unique cleaning requirements. Then there are also those with leather upholstery, ranging from nubuck and suede, to aniline and semi-aniline. Products that work when removing stains and dirt spots from other sections of the building like the floors and countertops are not automatically suitable when working on the sofa. You don’t want to corrode the material, or cause issues like discolouration. Your goal is to get rid of the stains, not leach out the dye that was used to give the sofa its elegance. The quality of the upholstery fibre, plus the finishes it has been treated with, determine the mix of sofa cleaning solution that is to be used. This is also impacted by the particular stain being dealt with, and the potency of the cleaning product required. Factors such as the safety of the solution also come into play. Harsh chemicals that produce toxic fumes will ruin the indoor air quality, putting those on the premises at risk- which is certainly not how you want things to play out.


  • Using the wrong approach


The skill level of the cleaner is key in determining how successful the task will be. It’s common to find a small stain, which could have been lightened and removed if treated with the appropriate stain removal technique, being instead ingrained deeper into the fabric. It worsens the situation, making the spot more difficult to remove. The chemicals used for the cleaning can react with the stain itself actually making it more permanent. This is not a situation that you want occurring on your favourite set. Avoid these issues by hiring the professional sofa cleaning team for the task.

Leave it to the experts

Searching for the right sets of furniture that will blend with your colour themes, meet your comfort and décor needs, and fall within your budget, can take time and resources. The sofa, one of the largest sets in the households, is a key part of it. After you have purchased your units and brought them back from the store, you want to ensure that they are protected. Over time, the dust, smoke, spills from foods and drinks, pet dander and other gunk accumulating on the sofa will have an effect on its look and feel. Ottomans, recliners, sectionals all through to the chaise lounges- they all need to be cared for, to prevent your investment from getting ruined. Are there kids and pets in the household? Then stains are inevitable. The rate of soiling increases with the little ones playing around. To keep your sofa in top condition, scheduling regular cleaning services is key. Its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity are on the line. Your own quality of life is affected. After all, the state of the house has an impact on your quality of life. The dirty sofa makes it look chaotic and messy, taking away your comfort. You can barely be able to kick back and relax when the sofa is riddled in stains, or there are odours coming from it. From the stale smells produced by the decaying organic matter, to the nauseating stench caused by pet urine stains- you want them gone. That’s a job for our sofa cleaning professionals.

We are a licensed and insured company, strictly adhering to the legislation governing the cleaning industry. Our crew have also been fully trained and equipped for the task, and keep in tandem with the developments in sofa cleaning technology, to ensure that your unit received the most appropriate care on each session. We aim to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the process- from the moment you call us to make an inquiry, booking the sofa cleaning session, the task itself plus the way our personnel carry themselves throughout the job, and the results themselves where we maintain high standards.

Risks Associated With The DIY Sofa Cleaning Process

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