Sofa Cleaning Myths That You Should Watch Out For

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Sofa Cleaning Myths That You Should Watch Out For

Sofa Cleaning Myths That You Should Watch Out For

Untruths spread like wildfire- sometimes so fast and wide that they appear to be fact. It’s the same through the different facets of life, and sofa cleaning has not been spared. Just what have you heard that you thought was true, but later turned out to be hoax? Here are a couple of misconceptions that revolve around sofa cleaning:



After all, common issues witnessed during the sofa cleaning processes, like the upholstery shrinking or getting corroded, cellulose browning, the texture getting distorted, fading as the dyes get bleached out- they are in one way or another associated with water-based solutions, right? The next logical step would be to take water out of the process altogether and you avoid damaging the sofa. Well, the dry cleaning does pose the least amount of risk when dealing with delicate fabrics like chenille, which particularly shrinks when it comes into contact with water. However, this does not mean that just any dry cleaning solvent can be used on it. The wrong product can still result in colour bleeding, hence the need to use formulations that have been specifically developed for such delicate upholsteries. 


  • The hotter the water, the better 


Hot cleaning solutions make the process easier by loosening up the dirt and grime from the fibres of the upholstery. They also reduce the need for saturating the sofa with detergents which could otherwise have cause issues like colour fading. It’s usually used when dealing with synthetic fabrics like polyester and olefin, which can handle it. However, the temperature of the water is a key concern.

For starters, when dealing with the fabric upholsteries that are not colourfast, there are situations where hotter water will lead to colour bleeding, making warm water to be preferred. This depends on the cleaning agents that are incorporated into the process, and the dye treatments that have been used on the sofa. In addition, for the fabrics like velvet, sudden heat spikes can cause permanent distortion of the material. This is commonly witnessed during the DIY cleaning where the rental equipment being used for the process has poorly tuned heat systems. The bursts of heat end up ruining the upholstery. 


  • You can’t encounter problems when cleaning synthetic upholsteries


After all, they are developed to be highly durable and can thus handle any cleaning process, right? Wrong. First, as indicated in the point above, high temperatures can damage synthetic fabrics. This is like in the case of velvet. Secondly, some of the materials such as acrylic upholsteries- and some cases nylon, may not be as colourfast as expected. This can leave to colour bleeding caused by dry cleaning agent. While they are easier to handle compared to the natural fabrics, this does not mean that there won’t be problems like discolouration or fibre distortion, especially if the wrong products and systems are used. Going in blind will ruin the set. 


  • Just the tags are needed as guidelines for the cleaning


Sofas usually come with two tags: one with the cleaning code, and the other with the fibre content. The cleaning code tags are used by the manufacturer of the product to help the purchaser of the product determine the cleaning solution that can be used when working on the upholstery. The fibre content tag looks at the stuffing- the material that “fills” the sofa. For instance, it may indicate that the set has a cotton/polyester felt, showing the percentages. These are the materials that are under the upholstery being cleaned, and not the upholstery itself. These codes are guidelines.  They do not serve as guarantees that the cleaning method used will be completely safe. As such, testing is needed before applying a particular product onto the sofa. In addition, the type of stains that are to be removed, the level of soiling that is involved- these need to be considered before settling on a method for the cleaning, which makes the DIY process even more risky.  

Common DIY Sofa Cleaning Mistakes

Taking on the sofa cleaning as a DIY project can end up frustrating you. Stories have been told on individuals winding up frustrated by the results, to outrightly damaging their furniture. It’s a delicate balancing act, and without the requisite skills and equipment needed for the task, the chances of things going off the track are high. Mistakes that are usually made include:


  • Applying the wrong chemicals for the cleaning


A stain is not just a stain. Just because a certain product was able to remove that coffee spot on the countertop doesn’t mean that you should apply it on the fabric upholstery. The solutions that were effective in getting rid of the food smudges on the floor are not automatically safe for use on the leather sofas. The selection criteria when dealing with stains takes different issues into account. Certainly, whether the stain is water-based or oil-based is a key consideration. However, it doesn’t end there. What material is the sofa made of? Which tools will be used for the process? What is the pH of the product? Will it react with the rest of the cleaning agents being used? Skill and experience are needed to work up a customised approach to the different stain problems in the furniture. Harsh chemicals, ammonia-based cleaners, the bleach-based products that are popular with DIY jobs, lemon solutions, vinegar and other agents- while these can be applied on a wide range of surfaces, they may end up doing more harm than good to your particular sofa. You don’t want issues such as corrosion of the fibres or discolouration of the upholstery. Getting professional sofa cleaning services will enable you to ensure that the appropriate products are used for your set. 


  • Mixing up a cocktail of hazardous chemicals


The goals is usually to deal with the stubborn stains and dirt spots. The DIYer takes reagents around the household and prepares a solution which ends up producing toxic fumes, which ruin the indoor air quality. Skin rashes, eye irritation, and difficulty breathing- different issues can result. What’s more, without proper rinsing the chemical residue can remain within the fibres of the upholstery, to which the persons who will be using the sofa will be exposed to. From pollutants to carcinogens, you don’t want your family members getting affected by these agents. This is why during the professional sofa cleaning, eco-friendly products are used, that will get the task done without putting the persons on the premises at risk. 


  • Using cleaners that shrink the fabric


Upholstery fabrics are sensitive. Here, the one-size-fits-all approach isn’t recommended. The different types of material, from the natural sofas to those with synthetic fabrics, each require their unique methods. For instance, linen and silk are particularly delicate, and the conventional sofa cleaners may contain elements that will result in shrinkage and wrinkling of the fabric. They require products that have been specially developed for working on them. 


  • Leaving residue of the cleaning products


General residue – where the mixture of soapy products and dirt is left behind in the upholstery is a problem in itself. Here, it creates dark spots where more dirt accumulates, albeit at a faster rate, making the sofa appear dilapidated. Residue specifically of the cleaning products itself also adds to the problem. This is because it will cause staining. These stains are usually more difficult to remove compared to the ordinary stains, increasing your frustrations. 

Another blunder that should be avoided is going for the extremely cheap cleaning services, just in a bid to save on costs. While the rock-bottom prices may be attractive at the onset, you may end up paying for it dearly in the long run. This is because, in order to offer the services at very cheap process, shortcuts have been taken. The company may not be using the right products or machinery for the task, resulting in anything from a poor quality clean, to the upholstery getting damaged. The personnel may not be adequately trained, and the company in question many not have insured its services. This means you are exposed to hefty costs should there be any liabilities incurred in the process of the cleaning. Avoid the headache by relying on the specialist cleaners, who will give you value for your money. 


Why You Should Call In The Pros


  • Odour neutralisers


The smells coming from dirty sofas can be annoying. They prevent you from comfortably using your set. The stronger odours spread through the rest of the interior space, ruining the living and working conditions. While the sofa cleaning process removes the source of the odours, additional measures such as using odour neutralizers come in to tackle the stench itself. Oil, mildew, musty odours, pet smells, smoke and the stench from urine stains- they are neutralized, and in their place a pleasant fragrance is left behind, further enhancing the ambience. The odour neutralizers that are used by our sofa cleaning team are non-corrosive and non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about the persons on the premises, or your furniture getting affected by the treatment. 


  • Quality fabric and leather care


Do you have natural or synthetic fabric upholsteries? We handle them all. From the sensitive silk and linen, delicate chenille sets, the more durable wool, to the olefin and polyester upholstered units, our personnel will ensure that your unit receives a thorough wash. The deep leather sofa cleaning will remove the dirt before it damages your expensive set. The process is thorough but gentle, due to the sensitive nature of the leather. pH balanced products are used, which have been specially formulated for leather cleaning. Specialised conditioners are also applied, which come in to restore that soft and supple feel to the leather, replenishing the lost oils. This serves to further prolong the life of your unit. 


  • Striving for 100% satisfaction


We are proud of our work, and aim to ensure that you are satisfied with the sofa cleaning results. We have a specialist team that is well trained and has years of experience. What’s more, we have invested in both the personal and professional development of our crew, to enable them deliver effectively on their mandate on each sofa cleaning session. Our goal is to win your loyalty as our client, and that way be assured of repeat business, and recommendations to your friends and colleagues. In fact, a huge portion of our business is attributed to referrals by our existing clients- both residential and commercial. As such, we have incentive to put our best foot forward when providing our services. 


  • Cleaning furniture across the board


The sofa cleaning is carried out on the various types of sets. From the Mid-century sofas with their tufted back, rectangular shape and wood legs, plus the contemporary mid-century sofas that have a slight curvature in the arm rest area; daybeds which serve as sofas by day and as beds during the night- which is ideal when one is looking for extra sleeping space for guests especially in the studio apartments and other spaces where there may not be extra space for loveseats and larger sofas; the chaise lounge that is an upholstered seat for one to recline in, and typically features a cushion that makes it even more relaxing; the English roll arm sofa where the loose bottom cushions make it ideal for comfort, and have a classic look that doesn’t go out of style; tuxedo sofas with their boxy shape and where the back and arms are usually of the same height and have a stylishly geometric shape; camelback sofas that are renowned for their curved backs, bringing an elegant look to the interior space; Lawson sofas where the cushions are not attached to the frame, and suit décors ranging from traditional to the contemporary, and feature a high back and deep seat, with the arms being lower than the back; the chesterfield units which have a deep button tufting and are usually upholstered with leather;  to the cabriole sofas that are characterised by their curved wooden frame, which is usually carved and the backs and arms that have a an equal height, our sofa cleaning crew will be effective in their mandate, delivering quality results fast.

Sofa Cleaning Myths That You Should Watch Out For

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