Give Your Sofa Quality Care

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Give Your Sofa Quality Care

Give Your Sofa Quality Care

The couch is integral to the home. It’s the most popular pieces of furniture. If you have multiple sets, no doubt you have already picked a favourite one, where you spend nearly every evening on, as you sip your coffee and hang out with your family. Kids, guests, and pets- everyone uses the sofa at one point or another. It’s where you lounge back as you catch up on the day’s news, watch the game with your friends, or follow up on the latest episodes of that TV show that has been trending. Those naps on the lazy afternoons, brunches and book club meetings in your home- they are all conducted on the sofa sets. Even the pets- from cats to dogs, enjoy resting on those cosy cushions. The playful kids keep messing up the cushions, and then there is the occasional party, where the sofa bears the brunt of the revellers. With such heavy use, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the most soiled furnishings in the house. Food and drink spills, the crumbs that get strewn all over the fibres, and in the nooks and crannies. Skin flakes being shed by people, the sweat and body oils that are rubbed against the upholstery, nail polish accidents, and grease spots from fast foods and ketchup stains that wind up on the cushions, plus the plethora of germs that are feeding on the decomposing organic matter- the sofa can get gross. This is where you lounge back after a tough day at work. It’s where those happy memories are made with your significant other. You curled up with a novel on those cushions. You don’t want to be rolling around in filth. Give it the occasional thorough wash, by calling in the expert sofa cleaning team. 

Avoid The Hassle OF DIY Sofa Cleaning

While DIY projects are popular, when it comes to the sofa you may end up biting more than you can chew. There are plenty of reasons why the manufacturers insist on their products to be cleaned through professional services. When you go the DIY route, things can easily go off the rails. Common mistakes made include:


  • Working with the wrong cleaning chemicals


With the different sofa upholsteries, the chemicals that can be used for the dirt and stain removal vary. Just because a particular product was effective in dissolving the food and drink stains on the countertops and floors does not mean that it can be used on the furniture. The underlying material may be at risk. What’s more, common DIY solutions are usually harsh, such as the ammonia-based cleaners, vinegar, bleach-based products, and other agents that have been whipped up for the routine cleaning and tackling of the stubborn stains. These can wreak havoc on the sofa upholstery, especially on the sensitive fabrics. You don’t want to deal with issues like corrosion of the fibres. Some of the solutions used even react with the stains and make them bond to the furnishings more permanently, making a bad situation worse. These scenarios can be avoided by ensuring that your set has been cleaned by the professionals.


  • Taking the wrong approach


Water is a universal solvent, right? It is used for cleaning projects, be it clothes, windows, countertops, walls, to the floors. It’s even applicable during upholstery cleaning. However, is it suitable for your particular sofa material? In some cases, water actually does more harm than good. For instance, water stains on leather are a common problem. What’s more, perhaps in a bid to washout the dirt spots, one may end up soaking the upholstery in copious amounts of water. This can lead to issues such as colour bleeding, where the dyes get bleached out, discolouring your set. There are also those cases where the material shrinks, like when working on linen upholstery. These are not outcomes you want for your sofa. Every situation calls for its unique approach, and the right skills are needed to determine which will be the appropriate method for your particular sofa cleaning situation. 


  • Using hazardous products


The wrong chemicals are not just a risk to the furniture, but to you as well, plus the rest of the persons of the premises. Products that release toxic fumes into the indoor space, others that cause skin rashes and eye irritation, to breathing problems- these make the DIY sofa cleaning process even more risky. This is worsened when there is chemical residue that is left behind in the upholstery, resulting in long term exposure to these agents. The professional sofa cleaning process entails the use of eco-friendly products, that can be safely applied around kids and pets, and which pose no risk to the biodiversity as a whole. 


  • Leaving spots with the cleaning products


While their role is to get rid of the dirt and grime, a common oversight that is usually made is leaving marks of the cleaning agents on the upholstery- perhaps as a result of not properly rinsing the unit. In this case, stains develop- and there’s a catch. Stains that are left behind by the cleaning products are actually more difficult to remove compared to those from conventional spills. Speaking of which, when it comes to the residue, it is a dirt magnet, which makes it trap the dust particles floating around, thus increasing the rate of resoiling. This is especially frustrating since it forces one to repeat the process much sooner than had been anticipated, resulting in more time and resources being consumed. 


  • Working with low capacity machinery


This is technically not really a fault of the DIYer, since there are not many choices available for rent from the dealership stores. The upholstery cleaning machinery in these case is different from the industrial-grade units that are relied on by the professionals. In a bid to reduce the costs of renting out, and make the machines lighter and smaller, hence more portable and easy to move around, the sizes and capacities of the component parts- from the pumps to the motors are reduced. This means you will be operating at a significant disadvantage. In fact, it is due to this that issues like residue being left behind result, as the suction produced by the extraction gear is not enough to pull out the contents from within the sofa.  It’s not just the residue that is a concern in this case. When too much moisture is left behind in the upholstery, the drying time is prolonged. This encourages mould and mildew to grow, which come with their staining problems, and allergens as spores will be released into the interior space. In addition, with low effective machinery, the required scrubbing action, temperatures and pressures that are involved in the DIY sofa cleaning process are impacted, making it more difficult to achieve a thorough in-depth clean. Redoing it ends up costing you more in the long run. Note that any damages the will be made to the equipment- whether it is due to mishandling it or the unit was poorly tuned and ended up having a mishap while it was in your possession, puts you are risk of higher costs as you deal with the liabilities involved. 

You don’t have to put yourself through all this. Hiring sofa cleaning services will enable you to get the desired results without the hassle. Note that professional services are different from the rookie ones- which typically offer the cheapest rates. Remember that in order for a company to offer rock-bottom prices, it means that there has been a compromise made along the way. This can range from having untrained personnel, using low-capacity machinery which draws out the process and negatively impacts the quality of the results, or perhaps the company has not been insured. These factors end up costing you more- from having to cough up more money to hire a professional service to redo the task carried out by the rookies, to being left with liabilities in case there will be an accident while on your property, due to the lack of insurance coverage to protect you. You don’t want to gamble with your property, your time, for your money. Get the job done right, to the expected standards, by bringing in the professional sofa cleaning crew.

Customised Sofa Cleaning Services

Before beginning the sofa cleaning, the personnel inspect the furniture and create a custom cleaning plan that is unique to your particular set. This accounts for issues like the make and the type of material of the sofa, the kinds of stains and the level of soiling, the products that will be required to get rid of them whilst still being safe for the upholstery, all through to aspects such as the temperature and pressures of the solutions that will be applied.

We work on the different kinds of sofas. These range from sectional sofas whose popularity is due to their ability to be used in a wide variety of combinations, from the common L-shape to the conversational and intimate arrangements; the dual-purpose sleeper sofas that are used for seating during the day, and at night the cushions are removed to form a foldout bed- where the simplicity of set up and the saved space makes them ideal for the smaller rental spaces or for use in guestrooms; the fashionable loveseat sofas that are designed to be used by a maximum of two people at a time, hence the name; the traditional 3-seat sofa that comes in various styles- some with high-backs, others with removable cushions, plus there wide assortment of fabrics and colours that enable one to set up the decor that meets their particular needs; to the chaise lounges, which have one long cushion sitting at an angle from the rest of the seat, and allow the user to lie comfortably and relax on it. The versatility of our services ensures that the needs of each particular sofa are addressed.

Quality tools for a deep clean

We have pumped lots of capital into our inventory, acquiring state-of-the-art sofa cleaning machinery that can take on both light and heavy-duty jobs. From residential to commercial establishments, where multiple sets are worked on a daily basis, with stubborn stains and where soiling has built up in the material for years- we have the machinery needed to deliver a thorough clean each time.  They deliver the cleaning solutions into the upholstery, dislodge the dirt and grime, and flush it out of the unit. Highly effective products are incorporated into the process, that speed things up by breaking down the dirt and dissolving the stains. Odour neutralizers come in to tackle those foul smells that are being released from the furniture, that way you end up with a clean and fresh smelling unit. 

Safe processes

We care about our clients and the environment as a whole. Towards this end, we have structured our processes to be eco-friendly, and only work with products that are safe to use around your family. That way, you won’t have to worry about your loved ones being exposed to toxic agents. The sofa cleaning systems are optimised, from the resource usage to the waste management, ensuring that there is no risk posed to the biodiversity around you. The furniture itself is also safe, given that our personnel have the expertise of determining the most suitable approach for dealing with your unique sofa cleaning situation. 

Trusted team

Our sofa cleaning personnel have been thoroughly trained, and have had their backgrounds checked. After all, you want to be sure that you can trust the people who you are letting into your home. They have been vetted before bringing them into the crew, and we also invest in their professional development, ensuring that they are up to date with the latest in sofa cleaning technology. This ensures that you get top-notch services each time. All this is while still offering pocket-friendly rates, since you no doubt want to get the furniture in your establishment cleaned without straining your finances. The pricing structure will be suited to your individual needs, with factors like the type and size of the sofa being worked on being factored in. 

Give Your Sofa Quality Care

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