Quality Carpet Care With Professional Cleaning Services

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Quality Carpet Care With Professional Cleaning Services

Quality Carpet Care With Professional Cleaning Services

When did you last have your carpet cleaned? With all the traffic that it handles, the dust particles landing on it from the air, the gunk that is scrapped off from under people’s shoes, pet fur and dander, plus the occasional food and drink spills, the carpet ends up accumulating lots of grime. Over time, its colour changes, becoming dull and dilapidated, dragging down the décor of the premises. Those areas that are frequently walked on develop traffic lanes, which are a stark contrast to the surrounding areas. Stains, on the other hand, ruin the intricate patterns and styles that no doubt had been a core feature that made you to purchase the carpet in the first place. Whether it’s at home or in commercial setups, ensuring that the carpet is in top condition is key to setting a comfortable environment. This has a direct impact on your living and working conditions. It even affects the mind, given that a soiled carpet creates stressful conditions, where it even becomes difficult to fully focus on your tasks. Things don’t need to get out of hand. Restore the appeal to your unit by hiring the carpet cleaning specialists. 

Protecting the health of your loved ones

Do you have the sniffles? Respiratory issues may not be as a result of an infection, but rather the allergens that are chocking up the indoor environment. The carpet is basically a huge air filter, picking up pollen and other allergens from the air, trapping them within the fibres. Speaking of which, the indoor air can have as much as double the concentration of dust in every cubic inch of air compared to the outdoors. The ability of the carpet to lock in the allergens is not unlimited. As the concentration increases, the “grip” reduces, such that a minor disturbance kicks back the particles into the air. This happens when one simply walks on it. The symptoms range from coughing and sneezing, watery eyes, all through to asthma attacks. This is not an environment you want to raise your family in. In commercial establishments, you don’t want your clients walking into your office and suddenly erupting into a bout of coughs. An in-depth carpet cleaning is needed.

The soiled carpet is also a haven for bacteria. In fact, it’s a thriving ecosystem, with loads of microscopic creatures calling that lush fibre their home. Picture this: You have a dog, that no doubt enjoys spending time into the outdoors. On one of its routine visits to the dog park, it steps on some faecal residue, which gets tracked back home. Suddenly, you have E. coli in the carpet. What of insects? Those food crumbs that are dropped onto the carpet are a magnet for different kinds of insects, from ants to the larger cockroaches. As they come to nibble away at the free food, they leave behind body waste. In some cases the food waste can attract rodents, which means you have more to worry about. Not only will the mice deposit their faecal residue, but their sharp claws and teeth will outrightly rip the carpet’s material, ruining your unit. Back to the bacteria. The indoor carpet can clock about 200,000 bacteria on every square inch of material, making it more than 4000 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. That’s gross, right? Exposure to these pathogens is higher for the toddlers and pets, who enjoy playing and lying around on the cosy carpet. Putting in place a stringent carpet cleaning program is key in protecting your loved ones.

Getting rid of stains

They don’t just take away the beauty of the carpet- they ruin the décor of the room, and put the structural integrity of the material at risk. They are caused by different spills, from soft drinks and yoghurt, to fruit juice. Some like red wine are particularly stubborn, due to its chemical composition. Perhaps it’s a case of coffee being spilled, and the longer that it is allowed to remain in the material, the more frustrating it becomes to effectively get rid of. Even blood stains can occur, caused by cuts and nicks as one fiddles with sharp objects, a nosebleed, or a case of a grazed knee while playing or working in the house. After stopping the bleeding there will be the pending issue of the stains that will have formed on the carpet. Ink stains too are a common occurrence, especially with kids in the house. As the little ones doodle their names on the carpet, or perhaps it was the result of a faulty pen, the ink is readily absorbed by the soft material. For areas with pets, urine stains are a concern. Fluffy picking out a spot on the carpet and making a mess can be unnerving, especially since the urine stains come with pungent odours. The uric acid in the stains further contributes to the carpet’s fibres breaking down, ruining your unit. It’s worse when your furry friend decides that the area is its go-to spot due to the lingering hormone smell. Do you have stubborn stains that are ruining your elegant carpet? Let the professional carpet cleaning team come in and give your unit a thorough wash. 

Pricing that is tailored to your situation

The charges of our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services have been structured to meet your needs as our client at an individual level. The cost is determined by issues such as the size and type of carpet, as they will direct the amount of resources and type of products that will be required for the process, cases of carpeted stairs, those stubborn stains which require specialised formulations, all through to the frequency with which you want to schedule the carpet cleaning sessions. With high-powered and efficient machinery and an experienced crew, we are able to reduce our operation costs, and pass these benefits over to you as our client. There also won’t be cases of hidden costs, as you will know the full price beforehand. 

Quality Carpet Care With Professional Cleaning Services

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