When It’s Time To Have Your Carpets Cleaned, Turn To the Specialists For The Task

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When It’s Time To Have Your Carpets Cleaned, Turn To the Specialists For The Task

When It’s Time To Have Your Carpets Cleaned, Turn To the Specialists For The Task

Ever paused to ponder about what is lurking in your carpet? Sure, it’s a superb flooring option, bringing warmth and comfort to the home. However, due to the traffic that it handles on a daily basis, plus the fibres of the unit that make it filter particles right out of the air and lock them within the material, it gradually becomes a haven for allergens, pollutants toxins and colonies of germs. First, there is the soiling that is tracked in from the outdoors. The carpet scrapes off whatever gunk is under the soles of people’s shoes. Then there are the dust mites. The skin flakes shed by the persons on the premises provide nourishment for dust mites. There could be about 2000 of the mites in every ounce of carpet dust. Each of the mites produce faecal pellets, that add to the grime accumulating within the carpet. There could also be different kinds of bacteria within the fibres, including salmonella, staphylococcus and E. coli. These can cause illnesses when they getting into the body system, with the kids who spend a lot of time playing on the carpet, then putting their hands on their faces and in their mouth, being at a greater risk. Odours too develop. They can be as a result of anything from the decaying food particles to cases of cigarette smoke that is absorbed by the carpet. These contribute to ruining the appeal of the unit, making a mockery of the effort you had put into getting the right carpet that would bring out your personality at home and accentuate your style. You don’t have to endure these conditions. Scheduling a professional carpet cleaning session will enable you to get rid of the gunk that is ruining your unit. 

Even commercial establishments are affected. Take hotels for instance. Simply use a black light to illuminate the room, and you will likely find traces of urine or semen on the furnishings, including the carpet. What’s more, for the hotels which allow pets onto the premises, there is the additional issue of fleas and pet urine stains on the carpeting. Office buildings, churches, malls, art galleries, clubs, entertainment centres, nursing homes-  the carpets get soiled all over. In fact, due to the higher level of foot traffic witnessed in commercial establishments, the rate of soiling is higher. Whether it’s in your consultancy office where you see clients on a daily basis, or the campus halls of residence where the traffic lanes have been formed on the sections of the carpet that the students walk on- they all need to be attended to. In fact, for businesses, their image is on the line. Customers coming onto the premises will judge your enterprise based on the condition that they find you operating in. You want them to be impressed and have confidence in your brand. A soiled and stained carpet speaks of neglect, which can be costly for your business, turning off your customers and causing you to lose them to your competition. Regular carpet cleaning will ensure that you maintain a professional image at your business premises. 

Avoid DIY Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

The carpet was costly, and you don’t want it getting damaged in the course of a DIY cleaning. Here, mistakes are plenty, especially when dealing with stubborn dirt and stains. This is due to DIYers turning to conventional household products for the cleaning, which are not compatible with the type of material of the carpet. The various kinds- from the synthetic to the natural fibre carpets, each have their unique cleaning requirements. Using products with the wrong pH, abrasive tools for the scrubbing that fray the fibres- they will ruin your set, and end up costing you more in the long run. In fact, it is due to such blunders that the carpet manufacturers insist that the purchaser of their units should use professional services for the cleaning, otherwise it invalidates the warranties for their products. 

Overshampooing is also common during the IY carpet cleaning. Here, too much product is used, which ends up leaving residue behind within the carpet. The residue is a dirt magnet, increasing the rate of resoiling. Basically, you end up being forced to repeat the carpet cleaning far much sooner than had been anticipated, resulting in more time and resources being consumed, stretching your building’s maintenance budget. 

Overwetting is another mistake made during the DIY carpet cleaning. It brings about various risks. There is the immediate issue of discolouration, due to the dyes used on the material getting leached out. There may also be shrinkage or even delamination where the carpet separates from its backing. Moreover, the drying time of the carpet is increased. This encourages mould and mildew to grow, bringing more risk to the persons on the premises. The fungi release spores into the interior air space, which cause allergic reactions. Some of the species also produce mycotoxins, such as the household mould Stachybotrys chartarum, whose mycotoxins cause mucosal irritation, immunosuppression and dermatitis.

Then there us the frustration that comes when you wind up with low-quality results. Spending hours scrubbing the carpet, then the dirt spots and stains refuse to budge, can get on your nerves, especially since you have sacrificed time that you could have otherwise spent on other aspects of your work and social life. You don’t have to risk this. Get the job done right, and to quality standards the first time round without requiring a do-over, by hiring the professionals for the carpet cleaning.

Quality services each time

We have been operating in the carpet care industry for years, building a wide client base and solid reputation. Our clients are core to our business, which is why we strive to ensure that the services are provided to professional standards on each carpet cleaning session. We aim to ensure that you’re satisfied with the entirety of the process, from the cleaning itself, to the experience when dealing with our support staff, and how our crew carry themselves while on your property.


When It’s Time To Have Your Carpets Cleaned, Turn To the Specialists For The Task

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