Revitalise Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning Services

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Revitalise Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning Services

Revitalise Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning Services

Due to the direct traffic that the carpet handles, it has one of the highest rates of dirt accumulation in the establishment compared with the rest of the furnishings. Throughout its life on the floor, it filters the dust particles that are in the air, picks up the gunk that is on the bottom of its peoples’ shoes and also catches anything that falls onto it- which unfortunately includes the occasional food and drink spills, which end up leaving behind stains. Pet fur and dander, dead skin cells, insect body husks and their faecal residue, dust mites, allergens like pollen grains, all through to pollutants like cigarette smoke- the carpet hordes them all. Having it cleaned professionally on a regular basis has a wide range of benefits, including:



The dirt and debris that is accumulating in the fibres of the carpet is a threat to its structural integrity. As the gunk gets embedded to the fibres of the unit, it can cause pilling and accelerate deteriorated. What’s more, the gritty soiling is actually ground against the plush pile as people walk on the carpet, wearing it down. These factors contribute to reducing the life of your unit, and an in-depth carpet cleaning is needed to get rid of them. There are also those cases where food crumbs attract pests such as rodents into the interior space. Here, you’re dealing with fractures that have sharp claws and teeth, which will wreak havoc on even the most durable carpet materials. The cleaning removes the source of the problem, preventing your unit from becoming a pest magnet. 


  • Create a healthier indoor space


The grime that is in the carpet puts the persons on the premises at risk.  Take dust mites for instance. They thrive in the warm conditions of the carpet, nesting in the dust-ridden fibres. Their faecal residence gets mixed with the dust particles, and when it gets airborne it triggers allergic reactions. There is also the issue of carcinogens, such as for the cases of smokers on the premises. The cigarette smoke that is absorbed by the carpet, puts the toddlers and infants, plus the pets like cats who spend lots of time on the carpet, at greater risk of getting affected by the carcinogens. As the carpet filters the allergens from the air, the concentration in the material increases. These include dust, pollen, all through to the dander that settles on the fibres. With time, the concentration gets to such high levels that just the action of walking disturbs the carpet and releases these allergens back into the indoor air space, affecting the respiratory system of those who inhale the particles. This causes symptoms like coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and asthma attacks, all through to worsening conditions like bronchitis. Processes like hot water extraction that are used for the carpet cleaning get rid of the allergens and pollutants that are accumulating within the material, enabling you to have a safer environment at home and at the workplace. 


  • Gets rid of the stubborn stains


Those spills that result in unsightly stains, from coffee and tea, to red wine and even inkblots- these are all got rid of during the carpet cleaning. Our personnel use tough acting formulations, that have been developed to tackle the particular types of stains. The products are selected based on their suitability with the type of carpet being worked on, that way you won’t have to worry about your unit getting damaged in the process. 


  • There is no residue left behind


This is usually one of the issues with DIY carpet cleaning, where as a result of cases of overshampooing or poorly done extraction, or if the carpet was not rinsed enough, residue remains within the material. This is problematic because it accelerates the rate of resoling, which makes you’ll need to repeat the process much sooner. However, this won’t occur with professional carpet cleaning. Here, high-powered extraction machinery is used for the process, which leaves the fibres free of any dirt or cleaning product. In addition, the wet vacuuming that is carried out gets rid of the bulk of the moisture content, which cuts down the drying time. As such, you won’t need to wait for days to resume using the carpet. Within just a few hours, it will have fully dried, allowing normalcy to resume within the same day that the carpet cleaning has been carried out.

Extra Tips To Maintain Your Carpet In Between The Cleaning Sessions

To protect your carpet and extend its life, and also reduce the rate of dirt build up, here are a couple of tips to follow:

  • Vacuum the carpet regularly- at least once a week. If you have children or pets, this should be done more frequently. The vacuuming is important to remove the loose particles that are piling up on the carpet, thus reducing the rate of wear and tear. However, this does not mean that you skip out on the carpet cleaning itself. The vacuuming does not get to the gunk that is buried deep within the carpet, hence it will be important that you occasionally call in the experts to carry out a deep clean. 
  • Institute a “No Shoes” policy. This works for homes, where you can get your guests and family members to take off their shoes before walking onto the carpet, as it will reduce the amount of dirt getting tracked onto it. 
  • In commercial establishments, it is recommended that you invest in mats and area rugs, especially in sections like the entrance of the building. This will reduce the levels soiling that is being transferred from the outdoors onto the carpet in the building. 
  • Deal with spills immediately- or as soon as possible. The faster that you can attend to the spill, the more the damage that can be prevented. Remember to blot- not scrub, the spot. Rubbing the area will simply push the stains deeper into the fibres of the carpet. Stuck with stubborn stains? Don’t fret. These are taken care of as part of the professional carpet cleaning process.
  • Occasionally rearrange the furniture in the room, to prevent the carpet from getting permanent indentations, and also reduce the wear on those heavily trafficked sections.

Revitalise Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning Services

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