Stains Ruining Your Carpet? Get Rid Of Them With Professional Cleaning Services

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Stains Ruining Your Carpet? Get Rid Of Them With Professional Cleaning Services

Stains Ruining Your Carpet? Get Rid Of Them With Professional Cleaning Services

Despite one’s best efforts to protect the carpet, applying treatment products, constantly telling the kids that they should be careful, investing in training for the pets to keep your furry friend from making a mess, and watching every step that you take while in the house, stains will eventually occur. All it takes is a slip of the mind. That occasional oops! when holding the glass of wine, the coffee mug that was in the hand as you watch your favourite TV show and tilted it slightly- spilling some of its contents, the excited kids enjoying their fruit juice and soft drinks, that morning rush as you apply your make up and some of the cosmetic products- especially the nail polish- drip on the carpet, the parties held in the household or office parties at the workplace where, in all that flurry of activities, there is bound to be a spill or two, urine stains from the cats and dogs on the premises, inkblots from damaged pens- there is so much that can go wrong. In the ensuing panic, one may reach out for a cloth to wipe away the stain, and in the process rub it deeper into the material. When it comes to stain removal, different issues factor into every situation. There are the chemicals involved, the type of stains, how long it has dwelt on the carpet, and the type of carpet, which will determine the products to be used for the removal, the mechanical action that can be incorporated into the task, and even factors such as the temperature and pressures to be used for the carpet cleaning. This balancing act can be frustrating, especially since the structural integrity of the carpet is on the line, and any mishap can ruin your beautiful unit. You don’t want to leave brown spots on the carpet because of coffee stains that were not treated properly. While warm or hot water is effective on some kinds of stains, using it in an attempt to clean blood stains with cause the blood to coagulate, making it more difficult to remove. With ink stains, the most common problem witnessed during the DIY cleaning is the spreading of the stain.   Don’t fret. Simply call in the professional carpet cleaning team to get rid of those spots. 

Value Of Leaving The Task To The Experts


  • Enhanced health


The carpet is famous for stockpiling allergens and being haven for germs. As the particles build up within the fibres of the material, the increased concentrations reduce the ability of the fibres to lock them within the carpet. As such, each time a person walks on it, the particles are dislodged and raised into the airspace. Breathing problems result as the respiratory system gets irritated. There can even be cases of asthma attacks. Kids who are fond of playing on the carpet, and the pets who pick out a spot on the lush pile for the occasional nap, are at greater risk of exposure to the allergens and pollutants that are within the carpet. Dust particles, pollen, pet dander, cigarette smoke, chemicals from aerosol products that are sprayed in the interior space and gradually settle onto the carpet- they are retained by the material, and the routine vacuuming does not get rid of them. An in-depth carpet cleaning is needed, and the professionals have the tools needed for the task. Processes such as hot water extraction are employed, that get to the gunk which is buried deep within the carpet, flushing it out, thus enabling you to protect the health of your family members at home, and keep your employees and customers in your business premises from getting affected by the agents harmful agents residing within the material.


  • Improve the indoor air quality


You don’t want to live or work in a stuffy space. Odours from the decaying organic matter in the carpet also ruin the ambience. With a thorough carpet cleaning, where the source of the odours is got rid of, and odour neutralisers also used in the process, it spruces up the interior space. That way, you get to see and smell the difference in the freshly cleaned carpet. You also get to avoid the workload that comes with the DIY carpet cleaning, and its associated risks. These are the likes of overwetting the carpet, which would have prolonged the drying time and encouraged mould and mildew to grow. The spores that these produce are allergens, which would put the health of the household members at risk. With our carpet cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about toxic fumes being generated, as the products that are utilised are safe for the environment, and the persons on the premises. 


  • Improved aesthetics


The dirt and grime that is making your carpet look all dull and forlorn are got rid of, restoring that elegance that makes it pop. That way, you get to come home to an inviting décor, and one that you can confidently host guests in. You don’t end to keep dreading awkward questions from the ever-critical in-laws, or cancel visits to your home because of the state of the carpet. In fact, the tables will turn, with the compliments about the appealing interior being a welcome bonus. In commercial establishments, having a clean and neat environment for your employees shows them that you care about the conditions in which they work, thus improving on their productivity. What’s more, when it comes to the customers, you want them to have a positive image about your brand, and part of that entails ensuring that the products and services that you‘re offering are provided in a clean and conducive environment. 


  • Extends the life of your carpet


The dirt that is building up in the carpet degrades the fibres. This reduces the lifespan of the unit, also affecting the functionality in regards to aspects such as the sound absorption and heat insulation that are provided by the carpet. As people walk on it, the gritty particles grind against the material, wearing it down. The carpet cleaning gets rid of the dust and debris, thus enabling your unit to last for longer. When done regularly, you get to save on the costs that would have otherwise been incurred making costly repairs and replacements. 

Stains Ruining Your Carpet? Get Rid Of Them With Professional Cleaning Services

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