Bringing Back The Beauty To Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning Services

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Bringing Back The Beauty To Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning Services

 Bringing Back The Beauty To Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning Services

Carpets are a key part of the interior decor. There are different types and material options to choose from, allowing you to set up the look and feel that you desire. From a casual design to the elegant and luxurious units, the selection made has a huge impact on the ambience. Then there is the comfort that is brought about by the lush fibres. Walking on the hard concrete floors or ceramic tiles is simply not comparable to when you have the soft carpet underfoot, cushioning every step. They are nice to walk on, sit on, and even -as the kids and pets can attest to- sleep on.  This functionality is increased when there is an underpad. Warmth also factors in, seeing that carpets provide insulation, thus reducing the amount of heat lost from the interior space. This is beneficial in enhancing the energy efficiency of the building, enabling you to lower your monthly bills. With carpets, you also have a quieter and more conducive space, since it absorbs sounds. The value of the units extends to safety, especially when you have kids and elderly persons in the households who are at higher risks of falls. The carpet provides better grip, and in case one actually falls, it gives a soft landing. However the functionality of the unit is affected by the dirt and grime that is accumulating in it, since it wears down the material. By hiring routine carpet cleaning sessions, you get to ensure that your installation remains in optimal condition throughout its life on your floor. 

Stain removal

These unsightly spots are bound to happen at one time or another. From kids and pets to houseguests, the commotion during the occasional party, or just a minor slip with a glass of wine- the resultant stain ruins the appeal of the carpet. Due to the absorbent nature of the fibres, the spills get soaked up into the material. Some stains are frustrating, as pet owners can no doubt attest to. Urine stains from cats and dogs adhere to the fibres, defying conventional cleaning measures to get rid of them. For cases of spills of wine and juice, soda and other soft drinks, the mess forms dark patches on the carpet, that clash with the rest of the colours and patterns. Then there is the wet mud that is tracked in from the outdoors by kids and pets. Oil-based stains too are an issue, from the lubricants to cases of nail polish dripping onto the carpet. Our carpet cleaning services get rid of them all, using products and systems that have been specially developed to target the different types of stains, without posing a risk to the underlying fibres.

The Hassle Of The DIY Carpet Cleaning Process

So many cleaning chemicals to choose from, low capacity machinery rented from stores, not enough time and expertise for the task- it’s a cocktail of problems, and so many things can go wrong. Common mistakes made during the DIY cleaning include:



This can be looked at from two angles: overshampooing, or failing to rinse the carpet properly. Both lead to the same result: residue being left behind in the carpet. That soapy residue is a dirt magnet. Basically, it means that the carpet will get dirty at an even faster rate than before, especially on the high traffic areas. You end up being forced to redo the entire carpet cleaning, using up more time and resources for the task. 


  • Overwetting


Here, the DIYer uses too much water, such that it even soaks to the bottom of the carpet and gets to the padding. Note that due to capillary action, the moisture will come from the bottom up, causing those unsightly brown spots on the carpeting. Some of the carpet materials actually discolour when too much water is used, and others will shrink. What’s more, without powerful suction equipment to vacuum up the moisture, the carpet remains wet for too long. This leads to another problem: mould and mildew will grow on your unit. These, in turn, produce spores which are allergens, and some of the species release mycotoxins into the indoor air space, which can affect entire body organs. That’s not a risk you want to take. 


  • Improperly handling furniture


During the carpet cleaning, a slight mistake of placing the furniture on top of the wet carpet- perhaps as you were moving it, or had it replaced it too soon, can cause staining due to the dye on the wood legs or rust from the metal parts of the furniture. The professionals use items like styrofoam blocks or plastic tabs when replacing the furniture to avoid scenarios such as these. 


  • Working with the wrong chemicals


Before using a carpet cleaning product, two critical factors come into play. First, there is the type of stain, level of soiling, or odours that you’re dealing with. This will be the target of the cleaning product. Secondly, there is the type of carpet itself. This looks at the material involved, since there are varying kinds, from the natural fibre carpets to those that have been constructed with synthetic material. Using chemicals that are not compatible with the particular type of carpet can result in issues such as corrosion of the fibres, or bleaching out of the dyes used, thus discolouring the carpet. This is usually witnessed when dealing with the stubborn stains, where one turns to the popular DIY formulations, from ammonia-based cleaners, vinegar, lemon-based solutions and other products that were effective on other surfaces around the home. They can end up wreaking havoc on the carpet’s material, especially when the pH is incompatible. 

On top of the risks to the carpet itself, there is also the issue of low-quality results. You wouldn’t want to spend all that time and energy scrubbing the carpet, only for the stains to refuse to budge, or have stubborn dirt spots adhering to the material. It can be frustrating. You don’t have to put yourself through this. Avoid it all by hiring the professional carpet cleaning team to take care of the job for you. 

 Bringing Back The Beauty To Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning Services

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