Sofa Cleaning - Call In The Specialists To Clean Your Sofa

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Sofa Cleaning  - Call In The Specialists To Clean Your Sofa

Sofa Cleaning – Call In The Specialists To Clean Your Sofa


There’s more than the occasional loose change and lost remote controller that is hidden by the sofa. There could be disease-causing bacteria breeding on those cosy cushions on which you occasionally take a nap. The sofa is one of the units in the house that is usually neglected during the routine cleaning. In fact, in most cases it’s just vacuumed. This does not alleviate the health risks that you are exposed to as you use it. For instance, there are the bacteria and viruses that are deposited on the upholstery by the persons who are ill when they rest on the couch. These are the likes of the highly infectious Norovirus, which can even survive for weeks on the furnishings. These can then be transmitted onto the rest of the persons using it. Those who cut their fingernails and toenails on the sofa, the dirty clothing that is occasionally left on it, the handbag that is tossed onto the seat the moment you get home from work- they all contribute to the germs piling up. Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria, which is commonly found on door handles and the remote controllers, can also reside in the soft upholstery of the sofa.

How old is the furniture in your residence? How often have you had a sofa cleaning carried out throughout its life? The health risks increase with the age of the sofa, and seeing that the majority of them aren’t exactly spring chickens. Most of the time that people actually do the sofa cleaning is when they are blotting up a spillage, and when there are guests coming over. This is not usually an in-depth clean, but rather a quick wipe. The longer than deep sofa cleaning is put off, the greater the risks involved for the persons using the set.

Getting rid of odours

They emanate from the decaying organic matter that is in the furniture. This includes everything from the food crumbs and the faecal residue that is deposited by the insects that come to feed on it, their body husks, all through to the microscopic dust mite faecal pellets. As the gunk is broken down by bacteria, the foul smells intensify, dragging down the ambience of the premises. Do you have a pet? Occasionally cats and dogs may leave behind urine stains on the couch. These emit pungent stenches, preventing one from even sitting in the first place. You can barely focus on anything else when there are ammonia fumes pervading your nostrils. What’s more, over time, the urea chemically breaks down, and the smell worsens. The professional sofa cleaning process involves getting rid of the source of the smell, and following through with odour neutralisers. Fragranced products can also be used, leaving behind a pleasant scent that accentuates the interior space.


Whichever kind of sofa it is, we’ll clean it

Different decor needs result in home and business owners bringing in varying types of sofas. Take the Lawson sofa style for instance. It’s known for its back pillows that come separate from the frame, and it is also more cushioned, enhancing the comfort of the persons using it. Its popularity has led to a wide assortment of sizes, materials and colour options available. The Chesterfield sofa, on the other hand, has a tufted back and arms. Some designs can have the tufting on the seating bench too. This particular design can have its roots traced back to the 18th century, where the then Earl of Chesterfield- Lord Philip Stanhope commissioned the design of a furniture piece that would allow gentlemen to sit upright without wrinkling their clothes, while still being comfortable. One can also have a sectional sofa. This particular set comes in pieces such as 3 or 5, which are then arranged in different configurations- the common being a U-shape and an L-shape. The designs of the sectional sofa go as far back as the Victoria era, where the furniture sets were basically two or more sofas being pushed together, forming a larger one. Today, the designs are far more advanced, fitting the diverse room arrangements. Mid-century modern sofas grew in popularity between the 1930s and 1970s, where the focus was on having minimalist designs. They feature sleek and clean lines, and their construction involves materials like plastics, Plexiglas and even Lucite. The colours here vary, from natural dyes to bold patterns that define the ambience of the room. The upholstery of the English rolled arm sofa is tight throughout, and it’s also distinguished by its low arms- sometimes going so low that the sofa appears as though it is actually armless. Bridgewater sofas are more casual. With the arms being slightly rolled, and it can blend into nearly every room. Its cushions are loose and padded, and there are contemporary designs where the legs are exposed- usually they are hidden by a tailored skirt. The camelback gets its name of the arched back reminiscent of the animal itself, with the arches resembling the camel’s humps. The designs can have one or two arches on the back. There are plenty more sofa designs, but the constant is that they need proper care. Our sofa cleaning crew is well adept to the different styles, and will ensure that your unit receives a thorough wash on each visit.

Timely services

You already have a busy schedule, and you want services that can be provided according to schedule. That’s what you get with us. Our sofa cleaning crew will be punctual, and will arrive at your residence with the machinery needed for the task. They will hit the ground running, carrying out the cleaning to professional standards, while respecting the privacy of your home. What’s more, they have been individually vetted and their backgrounds checked, so you can rest assured that you have a trusted team on your property. We are licenced and our services are fully insured. The premiums are pricy, which goes to show the level of professionalism with which we undertake our operations. The insurance coverage caters to your properly and our personnel as they go about their mandate.

Sofa Cleaning – Call In The Specialists To Clean Your Sofa

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