Sofa Cleaning - Expert Leather Sofa Care Services

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Sofa Cleaning - Expert Leather Sofa Care Services

Sofa Cleaning – Expert Leather Sofa Care Services


Leather sofas are a pricy investment- but worth it. They are a magnificent addition to the interior decor, bringing a touch of class and elegance. That warm look and feel, the supple and cosy nature of the material, plus the natural effect it adds to the space- it’s no surprise that the leather seats are in high demand. They come in different types. Take for instance the aniline leather upholstery. It is pigmented and also highly processed, which makes the sofa cleaning process easier. However, with the dyeing that is involved, a slight mistake in using the wrong leather cleaner can result in bleaching out of the material- which will ruin your set. The surface treatment that is given to these units also enhance their protection. Another variety is the semi-aniline sofas. While these are also heavily processed, they are less supple compared to the full-aniline sofas. The semi-aniline come dyed in different colours, and have a more natural feel. They are also less expensive in comparison. Speaking of costs, there are budget leather sofa options too, such as the full-grain and top-grain variants. The full-grain comes with the actual marks and imperfections that were on the animal from whom the leather was obtained. The character can then be enhanced by dyeing and finishing the upholstery with embossing. There are also those that have stamped markings. With the top-grain leather, it’s a stiffer material, and the stamped markings are added to it in order to enhance its appeal. While it’s a weaker material, one gets to obtain it at a lower cost compared to the rest of the alternatives. Whichever type of leather sofa that you have, the one constant is that it needs to be properly maintained.

Getting it done properly

With leather, the sofa cleaning process is not the same as the methods used for the fabric upholstery. The material here is far more sensitive and risk of damage is higher. Leather itself is basically like skin, and is highly susceptible to variation in the pH. Using products that are too acidic or alkaline will affect its structural integrity. One may be tempted to use harsh cleaners or detergents especially when confronted with stubborn stains- such as ink spots or wine that has penetrated into the surface. This only makes things worse. Routine maintenance measures like those witnessed when treating the surrounding wood structure also need to be carried out with caution. Oils, be they mink oil, varnishes or furniture polishes, can cause the leather to become sticky. Even water itself can cause water stains, which are a common occurrence with the DIY leather sofa cleaning. Water can also cause the leather to dry out- ironic isn’t it? This is especially when the protective treatments are washed out. Even for human skin, when you take a shower and step out without any lotion, the skin dries up quick, and you end up feeling like its cracking. A similar situation happens with the leather. This is why conditioning is also needed after the sofa cleaning process, in order to restore the oils and moisturising agents that had been lost.

Leather also tends to scratch easily, so going for the conventional equipment around the house in a bid to scrub out the gunk can end up marring the surface. Oversights, like using newspapers to blot up spills cause additional problems, with the ink from the paper getting transferred to the leather, leaving behind an unsightly stain. Home remedies that are popular for DIY cleaning jobs can additionally harm the leather, altering the colour of the material or creating another spot that will need to be dealt with. You don’t want to ruin that expensive leather furniture. The temperatures and pressures of the solutions used, the scrubbing tools that are employed- you want to be sure that the work is safely done. That can be realised by hiring the professional leather sofa cleaning crew.

Dial up the Pros

We have been in the leather sofa cleaning business for years. Our crew has handles units for residential and commercial clients alike, and we have retained a wide pool of loyal customers over time. In fact, referrals from our clients are one of our main sources of business, and we strive to ensure that each of them is satisfied on each visit. You want quality results, and we have invested in the personal and professional development of our personnel to make that a reality. They are kept abreast with the changes in the sofa cleaning industry, in order to apply the most appropriate products and systems to deal with the different kinds of scenarios. What’s more, we use top-of-the-range sofa cleaning equipment. The units have the capacity to deliver a thorough wash, and extract the gunk from the couch, ensuring that it is truly clean. Tough acting stain removers are also incorporated into the process, that dissolve those unsightly spots, without affecting the structural integrity of the unit.

Green cleaning

We are big on environmental protection. As such, we employ eco-friendly processes for the sofa cleaning. This is from the systems used, to aspects like waste management. You won’t have to worry about the indoor air quality being affected, toxic chemical residue being left behind, or run-off that puts the surrounding biodiversity at risk. In addition, the products applied are safe to use around kids and pets.

Your safety is our priority

Our crew put in place the required safety measures when attending to your sofa cleaning needs, to protect the property itself and the persons who are on it. This is in a bid to avoid accidents and the liabilities that would ensue. What’s more, our services have been fully insured, with the coverage catering to your premises, our personnel, plus the equipment that they use while on the task. Since you also want to trust the persons who are sent to your premises, we have gone a step further to sure that all our staff are vetted, and taken through stringent background checks. That way you can have the peace of mind that your belongings are safe. Our track record speaks for itself, and we aim to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the entirety of the process.

Sofa Cleaning – Expert Leather Sofa Care Services

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