Do You Have Dirty Sofas? We'll Clean Them For You

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Do You Have Dirty Sofas? We'll Clean Them For You

Do You Have Dirty Sofas? We’ll Clean Them For You


You want to come home to a relaxing atmosphere. An environment where you will be able to sit back and enjoy spending time with your family. A place that you can comfortably host guests over lunch and the occasional game night. Where your kids can grow and thrive without their health being put at risk. Dirty sofas come in the way of all that. They take away the comfort of your loved ones, and your peace of mind as well. Being greeted by a stained sofa, and having your senses pervaded by foul smells coming from the couch can be unnerving. It even becomes difficult to catch a decent night’s rest when your thoughts are nagging you about the chores that are pending. When guests are about to drop by, you get into a frenzy, wondering how the state of the sofa will reflect on your personality, and how you’re going to explain the condition that they find it in. Some even put off hosting guests, in a bid to avoid the embarrassment that would ensue. This is not how you want to live. Ensure that the furniture is in its optimal condition by calling in the sofa cleaning experts.

Avoid DIY sofa cleaning mistakes

There are plenty that can be made. Not having the proper skills or equipment needed to give the sofa quality care can result in it getting ruined. Take using the wrong products for instance. Stain removers, homemade cleaning solutions and products that were suitable on other sections of the building can’t simply be applied onto the sofa- even when dealing with the same type of stain. The quality of the sofa material, the dyes used, and finish treatments applied have a great bearing on the kind of cleaning products that can be used. Majority of the laundry detergents and household cleaners are too harsh for the sofa. The strong chemicals in their formulation, such as bleach, will do more harm than good. You don’t want to watch your elegant sofa get permanently damaged in an attempt to remove a stubborn dirt spot. Then there are those situations where the DIYer uses the wrong cleaning techniques. Here, a small coffee stain, or a bit of nail polish that winded up on the sofa arm, become ground into the fabrics. That’s right- the wrong approach can make a stain more permanent.  

What of the water usage? The amount that can be employed when cleaning the sofa varies depending on the material. It’s not just about soaking the upholstery with water in a bid to flush out the grime buried within. There are fabrics where too much water will cause colour bleeding, while for others like leather sofas water is actually a threat to them and can cause staining. The temperatures of the water used also comes into play, plus the pressure with which it is pumped through the material. Speaking of which, the equipment that is used by the DIY enthusiast is different from that which the professional sofa cleaning crew work with. The latter use industrial-grade units that come with high capacities, from the power and pressure ratings, to the suction that is needed to extract the water from the sofa. On the other hand, the machines that the DIYer rents from department stores have reduced efficiency, due to the small component parts- a design feature to make the units more portable and less expensive. This compromises on the effectiveness of the cleaning operations. You don’t want to labour for hours and wind up with unsatisfactory results. You don’t have to. Simply dial up the sofa cleaning professionals to take the load off your back, and get quality results each time.

No job too large or too small

Whichever type of furniture you have in your establishment, our sofa cleaning crew is up for the task. Perhaps you have a cabriole sofa, with its curving arms and ornate elements, and even the exposed wood trim that’s along its back and arms. You may be looking for sofa cleaning services that will take care of the chaise lounge in your master bedroom or out on the patio. This design is centred on relaxation, with the construction dating back to 3000 BC where the Egyptians built lounges using palm stalks that were secured using cord or raw hide. The ancient Greeks used the lounges to recline as they read or drank during parties, rather than sitting at the table. After the 1500s, it evolved into a social status symbol, that was constructed using rare and expensive materials. Today, these sofas are mainly a decorative piece as opposed to a necessity, and are found in bedrooms and other sections of the establishments where one wants to kick back and relax. Loveseat sofas are a general category that is used to describe the sofas that have been made for two people. As such, you can find them in styles such as the cabriole and camelback. Speaking of which, the cabriole sofa is known for its exposed wood trim that runs along the top of its arms and back which are of equal height; and the camelback style is named so due to the arches which resemble the humps of a camel.

There are also those with sleeper sofas. These are basically sets of furniture that serve the purpose of a sofa and a bed- and are commonly set up where space is limited, and you want your guests to have a good night’s rest. These are the kinds of futons, pull-out sofa and daybeds. The pull-outs differ from the futons in that the back of the former is designed to remain upright, then the sleeping surface is folded under the sofa’s belly, from which it can be pulled out and stored. With convertible sofas, the couch pillows serve as the mattress. The daybed resembles the chaise lounge, but it has ends on each side. Households with kids may also be having bunk bed sleepers- or perhaps you run a vacation home or cabin where you have it set up to provide the extra sleeping accommodations. Lawson, Chesterfield and tuxedo sofas- we work on them all. Our sofa cleaning crew will apply the appropriate processes to take care of your set.

Do You Have Dirty Sofas? We’ll Clean Them For You

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