Getting Rid Of The Dirt And Stains That Have Built Up On Your Leather Sofa

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Getting Rid Of The Dirt And Stains That Have Built Up On Your Leather Sofa

Getting Rid Of The Dirt And Stains That Have Built Up On Your Leather Sofa


Stains come in all sorts and forms. Take those spots left behind by food spills for instance. Whether it’s smudges from fast foods, milk that got knocked over the glass during the morning rush as you were preparing for work, chocolate that the kids where enjoying, all through to sugary residues and soft drinks- they make a mess. The protein elements and acids that are in some of the foods make them more challenging to remove. Then there are issues like wine and also blood stains. Red wine is infamous for the tannin that causes it to form troublesome stains; and the dried blood stains oxidise, forming unsightly brown spots. Watermarks and cellulosic browning are also common. These spots clash with the colour patterns of the upholstery. Then there is the dirt that gradually dulls the furniture, ruining its appeal. Over time, the accumulation of grime drags down the decor of the rest of the room. This is not a surprise, seeing that the huge size of the sofa makes its state reflect on the rest of the items. Restore the glamour to your unit by calling in the sofa cleaning specialists.

Versatile services

There are different kinds of furniture, and they all need to be properly cleaned and maintained. For instance, you may have a loveseat in your home. This term is broad, referring to sofas that have been designed for two people. They vary in size, from the compact small ones that are about 52 inches long, to the large 71-inch sofas. Perhaps you have a divan. This particular sofa doesn’t have a back, and is hence propped up against the wall, where pillows can then be arranged on it. Settees are wide chairs which resemble the loveseat but have a narrower build, and are not designed to be sat on for long, due to the reduced comfort. On the other hand, the recliner sofas can turn one into a couch potato. These are growing popularity for family rooms. Set up with a TV and surround sound system, one can have the perfect home media room. Tuxedo sofas have the arms and back being level and high, and set a professional look to the space. Their origin can be traced back to the1920s, where the sofa was developed in New York’s Tuxedo Park- which is also taken to be the origin of the suit. That’s a myth though, seeing that the tuxedo suit itself has been dated back to Edward VII, who wore it in 1865.

Back to the furniture. There are establishments that have low-seated sofas. These ones can go in nearly any room that is used for lounging- whether it’s the entertainment and family rooms, or even in the bedroom. The heights of these sets is about 18″. You may even have pallet furniture- a common one for DIY enthusiasts. Here, the sofa is set up against the wall, and the cushions are also placed against it. Sectional sofas have been around since the Victorian era, and are great due to their ease of moving. They come in sections- hence the name, and can be arranged in different configurations depending on the desires of the home or business owner. The Chesterfield sofa remains trendy due to its quilted, formal look. The back and arms are tufted, and the intent of its original design was to enable a person to sit comfortably on it without the clothes getting wrinkled. With Lawson sofas, the pillows are separated from the sofa’s frame- and it has larger cushions too. This one’s design was originally brought out in the 20th century, with the first one being constructed for Thomas W. Lawson, after whom it has been named. All these sets require professional sofa cleaning in order to ensure that they receive quality care. A thorough wash that can be carried out without putting the structural interiority of your unit at risk. That can be attained by hiring our sofa cleaning company.

Problems with DIY leather sofa cleaning

Despite its durability and elegance, when it comes to being cleaned, leather is sensitive to the products and systems that are used. First off, it’s like skin. This means that the pH value of the chemicals used is a key factor in determining their effectiveness, and whether or not they will ruin the sofa. Cleaners that were used when working on other surfaces can corrode the leather, or bleach out the dye used to give it its colour. There are those agents which ruin the protective finish treatments that had been applied, exposing the leather upholstery to more damage. How one goes about the sofa cleaning also comes into play. Just like the skin, the washing process can dry out the leather. After you’ve just come from the shower, one tends to apply lotion to moisturise the skin, and protect it from the elements. After all, you don’t want to walk around feeling like your skin is forming cracks. A similar case applies to the leather. Failing to condition it after the sofa cleaning will make it to start cracking up.

Using household formulations for the DIY leather sofa cleaning also increases the risk of damage. The material is absorbent. Some of the products that are used to remove stains can even cause staining themselves, increasing your workload. Water is also not friendly to leather. It can cause the stains to soak deeper into the material or form water stains itself. Note that the leather is still sensitive to changes in moisture levels, hence excess water will damage the upholstery. When it comes to the tools themselves scrubbing with hard brushes- which would be effective on other surfaces, will right out cause scratches to be formed on your unit. That is not how you want things to play out. There are also those who try to speed up the drying by using heat, like pointing a hair dryer to the couch. This also negatively affects the sofa. In addition to all these risks you need to avoid, there is the workload itself, and the high chances of winding up with low-quality results. You don’t want to labour intensively for an entire day, scrubbing at the stubborn dirt spots and stains, and be forced to redo the process because the results were not as you expected. You can avoid the hustle involved by letting our leather sofa cleaning professionals take care of the task for you.

Getting Rid Of The Dirt And Stains That Have Built Up On Your Leather Sofa

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