Sofa Cleaning - Why DIY Sofa Cleaning Is Not A Good Idea

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Sofa Cleaning - Why DIY Sofa Cleaning Is Not A Good Idea

Sofa Cleaning – Why DIY Sofa Cleaning Is Not A Good Idea


So you have a couple of chairs that need to be cleaned. You want to remove the dirt that is coating the upholstery, and the stains riddling the cushions. That pungent odour from the arms where your pet was enjoying napping needs to be got rid of. Should you simply rent a cleaner and go about the task by yourself, or hire a professional for the job? Sofa cleaning is not just about scrubbing the fabric or leather. Issues like the type of solutions used, the temperature of the water involved, all through to the equipment itself come into focus. There is plenty that can go wrong with the DIY sofa cleaning.

Is hotter better?

This boils down to the type of material being cleaned. While hot water is efficient for flushing out dirt, it will cause some fabrics to shrink. You want to have a clean sofa, not to watch its material get ruined. With regards to the chemicals, factors such as the pH come into play. The products that are used when working on natural and synthetic fabrics are different, and so are those which are required during leather sofa cleaning. Using the wrong agent could cause the material to get corroded, or even bleach it. The elegant sofa becomes discoloured, dragging down the decor of the interior space along with it. It is as a result of such blunders that the manufacturers of the sets recommend that one gets professional sofa cleaning services.

Equipment used

The sofa cleaning machinery available for renting from stores is different from the gear that the professional company uses. The store units are designed to be lighter and easier to manoeuvre, and in the process compromise on the power and efficiency needed for the task. Take water flow for instance. While the machines may operate on a similar principle of injecting pressurised water into the upholstery and suctioning it out, the rented units come with less capacity for the job. The suction power of the equipment used by the sofa cleaning professionals is far more powerful, allowing them to employ much more water for the cleaning without the risk of leaving it too wet. On the other hand, with the rental units, the inability to extract the moisture prolongs the drying time, which in turn encourages mould and mildew to grow.

Skill level

Hiring equipment is one thing, using it is another. That’s not the only variable. The products that are used, how to mix them, what is required for the different types of stain and dirt problems, and how to get rid of them without affecting the structural integrity of the sofa itself, all through to the amount of time taken for the task- a DIYer will have trouble navigating through the process. While some cases it just results in too much time being taken, in others one can wind up with a complete disaster. Anything from the upholstery remaining too wet that it’s rendered unusable for a couple of days- with mildew also setting in, to damage of the fabric or leather itself. Why take this risk when there are professionals ready to carry out the task, in a fraction of the time, without the risks involved? After all, you already have your hands full balancing your busy work life and social life. You should be able to enjoy your free time relaxing with your friends and family, not scrubbing down stubborn gunk that is on the sofa. There’s also the workload involved, especially when dealing with the heavy machinery. It can be frustrating when you spend hours on a back-breaking chore, and end up with low-quality results. Avoid the hustle by turning to the sofa cleaning specialists.  

We’re here for you

We have been in the sofa cleaning industry for years. Our focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction. After all, the success of our business is wholly dependent on it. As such, we invest in the holistic development of our personnel- both personally and professionally, ensuring that they deliver effectively on their mandate. We have also pumped loads of capital in acquiring state-of-the-art machinery, that comes with enhanced power and capacity. These enable our crew to tackle even the most laborious sofa cleaning jobs, where there are large units that have been through years of neglect. Stubborn stains, be it from common beverages like coffee and tea, soft drinks, the troublesome red wine stains and ink blots- we get rid of them all. The processes used extract the grime that is accumulating both on the surface of the upholstery and deep in the foam core of the furniture, ensuring that your set gets truly clean. Allergens, and pollutants are got rid of, enhancing the health standards of the set. Even the odours are neutralised. Here, tough acting agents tackle the stenches at a molecular level. Seeing that the source of the odours will also have been removed, you won’t end up with a situation of the smell recurring after the cleaning process.

We’re also big on time. You already have a tight schedule with your day-to-day life, and you don’t want unnecessary delays and disruptions. Our crew will stick to schedule, arriving at your residence or business premises at the time that has been agreed upon. They will be fully equipped, and will get right to the task. The appropriate safety measures will be out in place, ensuring that the persons on the premises are safe throughout the cleaning. In fact, we’re also insured. After the cleaning, the drying processes are also carried out, where the bulk of the moisture is suctioned out of the upholstery, and the little which remains will dry off naturally within a couple of hours. You will get back to using the sofa within the same day it has been worked on. This reduces the inconvenience to your everyday life, and also means cases of mould growth are avoided. The entirety of the process is carried out with respect to Mother Nature, from utilizing products that have been certified to be eco-friendly, all through to resource and waste management.

Sofa Cleaning – Why DIY Sofa Cleaning Is Not A Good Idea

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