We'll Give Your Carpet A Thorough Wash

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We'll Give Your Carpet A Thorough Wash

We’ll Give Your Carpet A Thorough Wash

Day after day, the carpet will accumulate dirt. This ranges from the light dust particles that are carried into the building through the open windows, to the gritty soiling that is tracked in under shoes. Pet fur and dander from Fluffy who no doubt enjoying taking naps on the cosy carpet, skin flakes being shed by building’s occupants- which in turn is fodder for dust mites, food crumbs and the body waste of the insects and rodents that come to feed on it under the cover of darkness- the list is long. The fibres of the carpet lock in the dirt. As people walk about, the soiling is pushed deeper into the pile. In fact, the carpet can look clean yet be carrying loads of grime, multiple times its own weight. 

It can be an ecosystem in its own. For instance, for those with pets, your furry friend may have brought home fleas from its outdoor escapades. The fleas will thrive in the carpet’s conducive conditions, and you may find yourself with an all-out infestation. Carpets close to the fireplace get really warm, making them ideal for the infamous firebrat- a little creature with a massive appetite. Routine carpet cleaning is a necessity to protect your unit, and the persons that are on the premises. That’s where we come in. 

Versatile carpet cleaning services

Our services are available to both residential and commercial clients. We handle the different types of carpets, from the soft and resilient wool that has a luxurious look and feel- but whose high absorbency makes it prone to mould and mildew growth, hence thorough moisture extraction is needed after the cleaning to speed up the drying process; the high-performance nylon that is popular for the areas that handle heavy traffic due to its resistance to crushing and wear; polyester which features a high stain-resistance; acrylic carpets that are developed to mimic wool; all through to olefin/polypropylene carpets where the moisture resistance of the material makes it even suitable for the basements. 

Our carpet cleaning crew have the technical expertise and experience needed to determine the appropriate approach to use for your particular unit. A combination of high -efficacy products and systems is used to deliver a thorough clean without risking the material’s structural integrity. You also won’t have to worry about issues like fading, colour bleeding, shrinkage or delamination that are common with the DIY and rookie carpet cleaning jobs.

Frustrated By Stains? We’re Here For You

Stains are bound to occur. Food and drink spills are part of day-to-day life. Kids forgetting to take off their shoes after coming in from the muddy outdoors, the occasional wine spill that forms a red blotch on the carpet- the result is unsightly. In some cases, preventing the staining is almost impossible, like when you have a new puppy that hasn’t quite grasped its training, you have kids running around making a mess, or you’ve just hosted a party and things went out of hand. Pet stains are some of the toughest stains when dealing with the carpet. This is due to the uric acid, urea, and other chemicals in the stain, which result in slow decomposition. In fact, the half-life of uric acid in cat urine is 6 years, meaning that it will continue damaging your carpet if left unattended to for long. What’s more, with the different pet urine stains, they have a characteristic smell that enables your furry friend to distinguish the area as its “spot”, and thus continue releasing its urine over the area, putting the carpet and the underlying floor at greater risk.

With kids, messes can range from the juice that was spilled during their excitement, drawings that were made with crayons or ink on the carpet, all through to milk that ends up being absorbed by the lush fibres of the carpet. For toddlers, when they grab onto something messy, chances are it will end up on the floor- as no doubt every parent can attest.  It’s innocent, but the carpet bears the brunt. From gum that creates hard and crusty stains, to ketchup and mustard smudges on your beautiful unit- the longer they remain on the carpet material, the more difficult they are to remove. Have you recently hosted a party? Perhaps it’s your kid’s birthday and you invited his or her friends from the neighbourhood over, or it’s you and your friend getting together to make merry in celebration of one of you getting that new job. Parties and stains go hand in hand. Those alcoholic beverages will form unsightly messes on your carpet, dragging down the décor of the interior space. You don’t have to be hard on yourself, or snap at your kids and guests. Our carpet cleaning processes entail the use of tough-acting stain removers, that get rid of these spots, restoring the beauty to your unit.  

Protect your carpet

By scheduling regular carpet cleaning services, you get to preserve its beauty and appeal. What’s more, it prevents premature wear and tear, thus you get to avoid making costly repairs or being forced to replace your entire unit. Whether it’s at home where you’re looking to preserve your décor, or cleaning up after a wild party that left the carpet in a mess, or for business premises that handle high levels of foot traffic on a daily basis, we’re here for you. Even realtors renting out fully furnished units, or persons with AirBnBs looking to ensure that the premises is ready for the new guests checking in over the weekend- our carpet cleaning crew will deliver quality results that will make a positive impression, thus bolstering your business. All this is offered at affordable costs. There aren’t any hidden charges, and our pricing structure has been developed to address your individual needs. The size of the carpet, the material, its current condition including the level of soiling and kinds of stains that are being dealt with will be factored in. Our personnel will arrive at your premises at the scheduled time, with the equipment needed to hit the ground running. 

We’ll Give Your Carpet A Thorough Wash

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