Why Commercial Sofa Cleaning Is Key For Your Business

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Why Commercial Sofa Cleaning Is Key For Your Business

Why Commercial Sofa Cleaning Is Key For Your Business

As management, you’re mainly focusing on growing your business – increasing profits and minimizing operational expenses. You probably have your teams brainstorming and implementing new systems and products that will propel your business to the next frontier and put you ahead of your competitors. Hours spent on board rooms deliberating on measures to boost your productivity and fine-tune your marketing, funds spent on leasing premium office space to operate from – different factors come into focus when running a business. What of the interior environment where you and your employees spend most of your time? What is the condition of the carpets and upholstery in the facility? You must have spent a lot on getting quality furnishings for your business premises. Is it well maintained? Let’s take a look at the benefits you get from hiring sofa cleaning services for your commercial space. 

  • Give your furniture a longer life

The durability of your sofa and their cleanliness go hand in hand. With routine care and maintenance, you will be in a position to ward off the wear and tear that comes from the dirt and debris that accumulate in the unit. The upholstery traps abrasive material, which gradually wears down the fibres. The higher the levels of traffic witnessed on the furniture, the greater the rate of soiling accumulating on it. While regular vacuuming is important, it doesn’t remove the dirt that is ingrained in the unit. Routine deep cleaning is needed, where the gunk that is buried within the upholstery is flushed out, to preserve the sofa and keep it looking elegant for longer. 

  • Reduced sick days

When you have more employees frequently calling in sick, your business’s productivity takes a hit. Service delivery is hampered, and your profit margins decrease. This is in addition to the increased expenses for new staff to fill the gaps, or extra pay for the current employees who take on the load left behind by their colleagues who are unwell. The absorbent nature of the upholstery makes it great at trapping contaminants, to the detriment of your staff. What’s more, when there is an outbreak in your facility, the illness can spread like wildfire, especially on shared spaces like those sofa sets that witness high traffic. Add this to issues like allergens that are pervading the upholstery, causing reactions and discomfort to everyday users, and this is not a situation that you want to expose your staff to. Protect them and your business in the process, by having a routine sofa cleaning schedule in place.

  • Boost employee morale

Happy employees will get more things done. You want them to see and know that you care about their wellbeing. The opposite happens when the workplace furniture is in a soiled and dilapidated state. Dirty sofas, upholstery covered in stains, odours reeking up the office space and making difficult to concentrate – all this will negatively affect your operations. Given that the workplace is basically their second home, since they spend most of the days in the week there, your staff should we well taken care of. What’s more, you don’t want your employees finding themselves in a situation where they take time out of their schedule to first clean the furniture themselves, since they cannot bear to be in a messy environment. A strict cleaning schedule, incorporating the in-depth sofa cleaning, will enable you to ensure that things in your workplace run smoothly. 

  • Protect your brand image

How you portray your business will have a direct impact on your clients. From the moment they walk through the front doors, they will form an opinion about the operations of the business based on the state of cleanliness – or lack thereof, of the premises. You don’t want their confidence in your products or services waning because they found the premises in a sorry state. Clients complaining about getting allergic reactions due to the soiled furniture that they are meant to use while in your business premises will be a blot on your brand image. For those in the hospitality industry, the stakes will be particularly high given that the guests will be sure to highlight how cleaned or soiled the indoor space was. From restaurants and hotels, to short-term rentals like those who have listed their properties on AirBnB, you want guests checking in to have a pleasant experience, not their skin crawling because of the gunk and stains that have riddled the furniture. The state of affairs will tell a lot about your business and how you conduct it. In this age of social media, negative reviews can spread rapidly. On the other hand, properly maintaining the upholstery and other surfaces in the premises makes the clients comfortable and more willing to engage with you about your products and services. 

Get Quality Results By Hiring Professionals For the Commercial Sofa Cleaning

Assigning the sofa cleaning task to the employees does more than just affect the productivity at the workplace. As they stay away from their desks and work on the sofas, there’s the risk of using the wrong products and processes. After all, they’ve not been trained for the task, and are simply doing it to attempt to better the conditions of the workspace. This increases the chances of low quality results being obtained. From residue remaining in the sofa, to stains that are caused to set more permanently into the upholstery, these are not outcomes you want for the sofa cleaning task. When the wrong approach is used, the furniture itself can get damaged, meaning that more costs will need to go into making repairs or replacements. 

What’s more, you get to save on money. Having to purchase your own equipment, train your staff and pay the costs of maintaining them on your payroll is far more expensive than simply outsourcing the task to a qualified sofa cleaning company. What’s more, having the professionals carry it out takes away the risks of the process, since they are well equipped and skilled to apply the right products and systems for the particular situation.

Why Commercial Sofa Cleaning Is Key For Your Business

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